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Flavourful CTC Tea for Milk Tea and Black Liquor Tea

Prepare kadak tea at your home by ordering CTC tea online from Naturolled. Whether you want to prepare milk tea (chai) or black liquor tea, you can choose our high-quality CTC tea at an affordable price.


Masterfully Blended for Maximum Flavour

Our tea artisans masterfully blend our CTC tea to ensure maximum flavour. Explore our regular CTC tea and CTC leaf tea and choose the product that best suits your needs. Whether you want to buy CTC tea online for your monthly household needs or your hotel, restaurant, or café, we have got you covered with our thoughtful range of products. Unlike other tea brands, we have kept our CTC tea collection limited to make it simple and easy for you to choose the right product and order. 


Perfect Kadak Family Tea for Monthly Use

Be sorted for your daily dose of kadak tea at home with our strong-flavoured CTC tea products. Apart from milk tea, the fresh aroma and strong flavour of our CTC tea is also best-suitable for soothing black liquor tea. The high-quality CTC tea we use produces reddish brown liquor which is a hallmark of fresh and strong tea. 


Garden Fresh Dooars and Assam CTC Tea  

Every pack of Naturolled CTC tea is carefully made with fresh Dooars and Assam CTC tea. We source only the freshest batches of tea directly from the gardens to ensure maximum freshness when we deliver our products to you. By maintaining a high level of freshness, we ensure a long shelf life for our CTC tea products. 


Attractive CTC Price with Free Delivery

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More About Naturolled CTC Tea

Preparing Kadak Tea Is Now a Lot Easier

Our carefully blended CTC tea varieties like Assam chai patti lend a consistently robust flavour and aroma during every tea preparation. We have chosen the right CTC tea grades that work wonders in producing a strong flavour in milk tea as well as black tea. 

Follow These Simple CTC Tea Preparation Steps

Whether you want to prepare tea/chai using CTC tea at home or at your hotel or restaurant, we recommend following these simple steps:

Step 1: Use the Correct Amount of CTC Tea

If you are preparing tea for a family of 4 to 5, use 3 teaspoons of CTC Tea. And if you are preparing tea in large volumes for your hotel or restaurant, e.g., 10 litres, use 3 kgs of CTC tea. 

Step 2: Boil CTC Tea in Milk And/Or Water 

Next, add the CTC tea to milk and/or water and boil it. For strong kadak tea, boiling CTC tea directly in milk is a simple way to achieve a bold and robust flavour that is popular in tea shops. If you want your tea to be a bit mild and smooth, boil CTC tea in water first and add 40% milk to it.

Step 3: Add Flavouring If You Prefer

You can also add flavours to your tea with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and more, when boiling the tea. Or simply choose our flavoured tea to spice up your tea time every day or occasionally. 

Step 4: Serve  

Our garden-fresh CTC tea is best served hot. Compliment your tea time with snacks such as biscuits, samosas, pakoras, and more.