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Naturolled Elaichi Tea | Elaichi Chai

Naturolled Elaichi Tea | Elaichi Chai

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Add a flavourful twist to your tea time with Naturolled Elaichi Tea. Indulge in the fresh aroma of real elaichi carefully balanced with a strong tea flavour.

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Treat Yourself to Aromatic Naturolled Elaichi Tea

Treat Yourself to Aromatic Elaichi Tea

The experience of taking a sip of aromatic elaichi chai that awakens the senses with a burst of flavours and fresh elaichi’s aroma that lingers around is a different feeling altogether, and true tea lovers know it 🤩. Relive this experience over and over again with our flavourful and aromatic elachi tea.

Naturolled's Elaichi Flavour Tea With the ‘Kadak’ Taste

Elaichi Flavour Tea With the ‘Kadak’ Taste

Unlike other elaichi flavour teas that miss out on a strong tea flavour, our elaichi tea packs a punch when it comes to delivering the daily dose of ‘kadakness’ you need. So, even when drinking elaichi wali chai, you get that kadak wali chai experience.

Easy to Prepare Elaichi Tea Powder from Naturolled

Easy to Prepare Elaichi Tea Powder

Tired of the tedious task of sorting and crushing elaichi in your kitchen for your tea? Say goodbye to the hassle with our elaichi tea powder, blended to ease your elaichi tea preparation at home.

Best Flavour, Best Price

Best Flavour, Best Price

Get the most attractive price on the internet’s best elaichi tea. Order our minimum quantity and get guaranteed free delivery across India. You can also get access to exclusive coupons and giveaway contests on our social media pages.