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Born and Bred in the Arms Of Tea Gardens and Mother Nature

Being born and raised in the pristine tea gardens of West Bengal, we, the founders of Naturolled Tea, have always cherished the purity and freshness of Mother Nature. Since our early childhood days, we have been close to nature and tea gardens in our everyday lives. From exploring jungles during our school holidays to our family members being a part of the tea garden industry, being close to the nature and tea gardens of West Bengal was part and parcel of growing up for us. 

In our adulthood, we moved to cities in other parts of India for our higher studies and professional career, but our love for nature never faltered. If anything, our affection for nature has grown stronger through the years. We are constantly inspired by the well-being properties that nature holds. The pristineness of nature has the power to calm the mind, soothe the soul, and free the spirit.

Cherishing the Gift of Nature: Naturolled Tea

We always had this deep drive and synergy between us to be able to bring everybody close to the pristineness of nature. And what better way could it have been than to share one of nature's best blessings, tea? 

Like many natural resources, tea is one of the finest gifts from nature. The natural antioxidants and other well-being elements that each tea leaf lends in each cup are a seamless way to get closest to the vitality that nature offers. 

From the robust, mood-uplifting taste of the teas from the sprawling tea gardens of Assam and Dooars-Terai to the delicate yet impeccable muscatel flavours of Darjeeling tea that grow during the lively spring and thunderous monsoons of the hills, India’s tea growing regions have a lot to offer. Every tea cup originating from these regions awaits you with rich flavours, delightful aromas, and an experience to be closest to the mystic elements of nature. 

At Naturolled Tea, we work day in and out striving for the best tea quality and the highest standards of manufacturing processes. Join us on our journey to celebrating nature, preserving and sustaining it, and cherishing its gift of tea.