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Tea Manufacturer for All Types of Bulk Tea Requirements

We, at Naturolled Tea, are our brand’s own manufacturer and cater to all types of bulk tea supply needs in India and overseas. As one of the leading tea manufacturers in India and a fast-growing tea brand, we are open to partnering with: 

  • Carrying and Forwarding (C&F) Agents
  • Super Stockists 
  • Sub Stockists 
  • Distributors 
  • Sub Distributors 
  • Wholesalers 
  • Dealers 
  • Modern Trade 
  • Marketplace Sellers 
  • Tea Chain Franchises 
  • Tea entrepreneurs planning to start a tea brand
Tea Manufacturer in India

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We Are One of the Fast Growing Tea Manufacturers in India

With an innovative business model, we are growing fast as a tea manufacturer for our brand for all types of tea supply in India. We have innovated and implemented a modular business model that works like Lego blocks for scaling our operations in a lean way to meet the rising tea demand in the Indian and foreign markets. By partnering with trusted tea estates and independent growers, we assure a high level of quality that sets high standards in the market. 

Apart from our packet tea products that are available for C&F agents, stockists, distributors, dealers, and other types of resellers, we also offer loose tea supply through our tea trading company Revolution Tea Traders. To recap, you can partner with our brand Naturolled Tea for bulk supply of packet tea products and Revolution Tea Traders for loose tea supply.

Our Tea Supply Solutions: If You Are Searching Tea Manufacturers in Assam and Siliguri

If you have bulk tea requirements and are looking for Assam and Siliguri based tea manufacturers? Look no further than us. We can meet your packet tea and loose tea supply needs with the best quality of Assam Tea, Darjeeling Tea, and Dooars Tea at the most competitive B2B rates. Having our headquarter in Siliguri gives us the strategic advantage of partnering directly with the most reputed tea gardens of Assam and West Bengal.

How are we able to offer the most competitive prices on bulk tea?

We are able to offer the lowest rates on bulk tea supply by streamlining the tea sourcing process. We source tea from local tea gardens that are in close proximity to our processing and packaging facilities. This approach helps us significantly reduce the expenses involved in the logistics.

Another important reason is that we manufacture our own branded tea. We have our in-house branded and packaged tea manufacturing facilities through which we produce our wide range of tea packets. As one of the fast growing CTC tea, Orthodox Tea, and Green Tea product manufacturers in India, we use industrial-grade machineries that produce our brand’s packaged tea products in a high volume every day. Unlike, other brands, we do not outsource our manufacturing and therefore are able to offer tea distributors, wholesalers, dealers, and other types of resellers, a high profit margin.

Tea Distributorship

We are constantly appointing tea distributors for our brand’s tea products. Whether you are an existing distributor in the market or someone who is totally new, if you are interested in our brand’s tea distributorship and want to join us, we would like to partner with you. 

Call our sales team at 9907324373 to discuss further or fill the form above mentioning your requirements.

Tea Wholesale

If you have wholesale tea requirements for sourcing bulk tea, partner with us for attractive wholesale rates. Similar to our vast distributor fleet across India, we work with a wide network of wholesalers that source high-quality packet tea and loose tea from us. 

For wholesale tea powder and tea leaf, call our sales team at 9907324373 to discuss further or fill the form above mentioning your requirements.

Tea Dealership

We also offer exclusive dealerships for all our tea products. If you have any type of dealership requirement, such as selling our tea products at your retail store, opening a company-authorized tea lounge, etc, we are open for partnership. 

Call our sales team at 9907324373 to discuss further or fill the form above mentioning your requirements.

White Label and Private Label Tea

If you are planning to launch a tea brand and want to outsource the manufacturing process, we can meet your needs. With our large-scale private label tea manufacturing operations, we can help you launch and scale your tea business with consistent profitability. 

Call our sales team at 9907324373 to discuss further or fill the form above mentioning your requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Tea Manufacturers in Siliguri the Best Option?

Since Siliguri is in West Bengal and close to Assam, tea manufacturers from the region, including Naturolled Tea, have the strategic advantage of sourcing from both tea-producing states.

2. How to Choose Tea Manufacturers in Kolkata?

The first step is to check the production capacity of the manufacturer and learn if they can meet your bulk tea needs. Another important step to take is to learn about the tea gardens where the manufacturer sources tea from.

3. Are There Tea Manufacturers in Darjeeling?

Yes, there are multiple tea manufacturers in Darjeeling that are a part of tea estates and gardens. Most manufacturers send their teas to auctions where tea brokers and resellers purchase them in bulk.

4. How to Choose Tea Powder Manufacturers?

If you require tea powder in bulk quantities and need a consistent supply, make sure that the manufacturer you are exploring uses the CTC (crush, tear, curl) manufacturing process. It’s best if the manufacturer has consistent output capacity for popular types of CTC tea grades, such as BP, BOPSM, BOP, OF, and PD.