Taste the Goodness of Dooars Tea

Attractive and Limited Introductory Offers Available

The Best of Dooars Tea from Naturolled: A New Siliguri Tea Company

Naturolled offers Dooars CTC tea with a natural taste and a fresh aroma. This is possible by sourcing tea locally, from Dooars tea gardens in close proximity to the processing and packaging units. Apart from shortening the transit time from the tea gardens to our facilities, minimal processing also helps keep the original tea taste intact.

Quickly Sourced

All tea batches are sourced quickly.

Vocal for Local

Local sourcing benefits local tea communities.

Natural Taste

The most natural taste and aroma in CTC tea.

Minimal Processing

Minimal processing for maximum freshness.

Naturolled offers Dooars CTC tea in four distinct categories, Classic Blended,  Premium Blended, Ultra Blended, and Regular Blended. All categories (and the tea packs of all sizes under them) are available online at Amazon and Flipkart. They are also available at attractive distributorship and wholesale rates for bulk orders.

Naturolled Classic Blended CTC Tea

Classic Blended CTC Tea

A classic blend of balanced flavour and aroma for that classic tea taste. This category includes four pack sizes: 30gm, 250gm, 500gm, and 1kg . Classic Blended tea varieties are available online and also at attractive bulk prices from Naturolled, a tea company in Siliguri.

Premium Blended CTC Tea

A premium blend of pure flavour and powerful aroma for a premium CTC tea taste. This category includes one pack size: 1Kg Pack. Premium Blended tea is available online and also at wholesale rates from Naturolled, a CTC tea company focused on both B2C and B2B models.

Ultra Blended CTC Tea

An ultra blend of the finest CTC tea grades to offer an ultra flavour at an affordable price. This category currently includes one pack size: 500gm. Naturolled Ultra Blended CTC Tea is available online. As a wholesale-focused Siliguri tea company, we also offer wholesale deals. 

Naturolled Regular Blended CTC Tea

Regular Blended CTC Tea

A regular blend of regular-quality CTC tea grades to offer tea businesses an economical option. This category currently includes one pack size: 3kg hotel pack. Regular Blended CTC Tea of 3kg jar is available online and for wholesale from Naturolled, a leading tea company in Siliguri.

Naturolled Offers CTC Tea Distributorship

As a leading tea company in Siliguri, Naturolled offers high-profit CTC tea distributorship in Siliguri, entire West Bengal, and other areas. Attractive wholesale pricing, free delivery of bulk purchases, and several other benefits are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

CTC is an industry-standard process to process tea leaves. The Cut-Tear-Curl method gives tea leaves the iconic ‘black tea’ colour which all tea lovers are familiar with. The CTC processing method also increases tea’s shelf life.

CTC means cutting, tearing, and curling tea leaves. The original full form of CTC is Cut, Tear, and Curl.

In CTC process, the freshly plucked tea leaves are cut, shredded into small bits, and rolled in cylindrical rollers. This process gives the tea leaves a blackish brown colour which is synonymous with ‘black tea’ and ‘masala chai’.

CTC tea has three primary categories: Dust, Fanning, and Broken Leaf. Each of these primary categories have multiple sub-categories.

The best CTC tea are freshly sourced, minimally processed, and carefully packaged and distributed. This is the core approach we follow at Naturolled to offer tea lovers the most natural tasting CTC tea.

There aren’t many Siliguri tea companies focusing on preserving the real and natural taste of tea in packaged CTC tea. In most cases, packaged CTC products lose their essence in between long transit from tea gardens to packaging units and from heavy processing.

Naturolled breaks away from this monotony with the focus to offer natural-tasting CTC tea. Unlike other tea companies in Siliguri and other West Bengal regions, Naturolled sources tea from only the nearest local tea gardens to ensure the transit time from the harvesting facility to the packaging facility is as short as possible.

Minimal processing is another approach Naturolled takes to ensure the natural taste and aroma stay intact in CTC tea. Naturolled’s two categories of CTC tea, Classic Blended, and Premium Blended cater to a wide variety of tea taste palettes.

Naturolled also leads in the B2B space a CTC tea company in Siliguri focused on fostering meaningful relationships with CTC tea distributors. Naturolled offers profitable CTC tea distributorship to distributors of all locations and of all sizes. Visit our Distributorship page to learn more.