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Naturolled Assam Tea | Assam Tea Leaves

Naturolled Assam Tea | Assam Tea Leaves

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Experience the best of Assam Tea with Naturolled. Our Assam Tea produces a rich, strong, and creamy flavour perfect for a cup of satisfying kadak tea.

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Best Assam Tea for That “Kadak” Taste

Best Assam Tea for That “Kadak” Taste

For Kadak Chai, you can never go wrong with Assam Tea, more so with Naturolled Assam Tea. Every granule of our strong Assam valley tea releases a strong liquor which is perfect for that unmistakable kadak chai taste. And apart from the strong taste, we also ensure the best freshness and natural quality.

Buy Masterfully Blended Assam Tea Online

Buy Masterfully Blended Assam Tea Online

To bring the best out of the original Assam tea flavour, our tea experts have hand-selected the best CTC tea grades, such as BP and BOPSM, and carefully blended them with high-quality broken Assam tea leaves. As one of the leading Assam tea brands, we ensure to use only the best quality tea from auction houses and tea gardens in the blending process.

Sourced From The Most Trusted Assam Tea Gardens

Only the best Assam Tea Gardens produce strong and flavourful Assam Tea varieties. Which is why we have partnered with some of the most reputed tea gardens in Assam to ensure you get to experience and enjoy the best quality Assam Tea at attractive prices.

Attractive Assam Tea Price With Free Delivery

Get the best Assam Tea price at our online store along with guaranteed free delivery on qualifying orders. Shop online for 1kg Assam Tea at reasonable prices and save big on your monthly tea shopping. Also, look out for our offers and giveaways on our social media pages for more bargains on our Assam tea packets!