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Naturolled Tea Dust | Dust Tea for Hotels

Naturolled Tea Dust | Dust Tea for Hotels

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Unlock the secrets of preparing the best-tasting hotel tea with our tea dust. Blend our dust tea with regular CTC tea to achieve a strong and robust taste that tea drinkers prefer.

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Prepare Strong & Aromatic Tea at your Hotel or Tea Stall

Prepare Strong & Aromatic Tea at your Hotel or Tea Stall

With our tea dust, you can achieve a strong and aromatic flavour in the tea you prepare at your hotel, tea stall, restaurant, café, or any other type of food/drink service outlet. Mix our dust tea with CTC tea to add more flavour and a perfect brown tea colour.

Tea Dust Powder for Instant Strong Liquor

Our CTC tea dust quickly releases a strong liquor when boiling it in water or directly in milk. The quick infusion helps you prepare strong tea at your hotel or tea stall in less time. By using our tea dust powder, you can ensure consistent strong flavour each time you prepare tea for your customers.

Super Dust Tea for Super Fast Tea Preparation

If you serve tea to a lot of customers every day at your hotel, tea stall, or restaurant, our tea dust can help you shorten the tea preparation time. Within a couple of boils, our super dust tea releases a strong flavour that is sure to delight your customers. 

Best Tea Dust Price with Free Delivery

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