Chai Preparation Is a Game of Boils!

Chai Preparation Is a Game of Boils!

Not the game of thrones but a game of boils. Yes, that’s what chai preparation is all about. It’s all in the boils when it comes to making your chai “kadak.” But just how many boils does it take to do that? And are there any specific tea types to use? Let’s uncover all of these details below:

One? Two? How Many Boils for Perfect Chai Preparation?

While there is no standard number on how many times you should boil the tea, many chai ki recipe available online suggest boiling three times. However, it all comes down to your personal preference of how kadak should your cup of chai be. 

So, to give you exact numbers on how many times you should boil the milk during your chai preparation, we tested chai preparation with a lot of boils and asked our team members to taste them. Below is our take on chai ka recipe for how many times you can boil: 


Two Boils for a Mildly Kadak Chai 

If you are the niche kind of chai lover who prefers chai to be only mildly kadak, then you can go for two boils. When adding tea powder to milk and water, let it heat up in your cooktop, and boil it two times. Make sure to bring the tea to a full boil, twice. Add a dab of sugar and you are all ready to go! 

When boiling chai only two or three times, tea powder and leaf tea does not get over infused. This way, their overall flavour doesn’t become too brisk. 

Five Boils for Super Kadak Chai Preparation

If you want to make your chai super kadak, then turn the heat (on your cooktop of course) and go for upto five or six boils. By boiling the tea five to six times, you infuse CTC tea and leaf tea to the brink. Going for five to six boils also makes the milk more brisk. The result? A super kadak chai that can instantly energize you through the day. 

In fact, most chai stalls, including your favourite chai stall in your locality, prefer boiling chai a lot of times. With the cooktop at blazing temperatures, chai makers in stalls bring the milk tea to rolling boils over ten times or more. The more they boil, the more kadak the chai becomes! 

Not Just the Number of Boils But Also the Quality of Tea

Chai preparation is not just about the boils but also about the chai patti you use. Fresh, natural, and high-quality tea leaves make it more easier for you to prepare flavourful, brisk, and aromatic chai.

If you are totally into kadak chai, then our Assam tea can elevate your chai preparation and make it simple for you to prepare strong and flavourful chai at home. We have blended BOPSM and BP CTC tea grades with green broken leaves, all three sourced from the most reputed tea gardens in Assam. 

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