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The Perfect Chai Patti That India Loves

If there is one popular type of tea that the entire India loves, it is CTC chai patti (also known as CTC tea leaves). Sure, premium teas like Darjeeling tea, have their special place in the country. However, the majority of the tea lovers in the country prefer the unmistakable Kadak chai which is made using CTC chai patti. 

Why is CTC Chai Patti the Most Popular Type of Tea in India?

CTC chai patti is the most popular type of tea in India for several reasons, the first being the taste. Compared to other types of tea varieties for black tea and milk tea, like orthodox tea, CTC tea varieties have a strong taste that makes any cup of chai unfailingly kadak.

The second important reason is their affordability. Compared to other types of tea varieties, CTC chai patti has affordable prices that vary subtly across different CTC tea grades. Apart from being affordable, CTC tea varieties are widely available in the country. 


The Perfect CTC Chai Patti With a Kadak Taste

The perfect CTC chai patti as per the Indian tea taste palette is a blend of CTC tea and Green leaves. In this type of combination, CTC tea ensures a strong and robust taste while the green leaves offer a natural flavour and aroma. This way, the blend offers a strong and flavourful taste that Indian tea lovers simply cherish. 

chai patti brands

Chai Patti Brands For Regular Use

If you are looking for chai patti brands from where you can buy chai for daily use, make sure to go for brands that are based out of the tea regions. Most tea brands are based out of cities and outsource their tea requirements. With this process, they do not have 100% control over quality.

Locally-based chai patti brands, such as Naturolled Tea, procure fresh chai patti directly from the tea gardens to offer the best quality at the same standard market price. At Naturolled, our CTC chai patti varieties are blended to perfection for tea lovers in India.


Is Branded or Loose Tea Chai Patti Good?

If you simply want to buy tea for your household needs and use it at tea time, then branded tea chai patti is the best for you. This is because branded tea chai patti, such as our popular Dooars Classic Tea, comes blended with the right proportions of CTC tea and Green leaves.

If you have knowledge/experience in blending tea or are passionate about it, then you can go for loose tea chai patti as well.

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