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Which Chai is Best For Daily Use? Choose The Best Tea Brand

When it comes to a daily cup of chai, finding the right tea brand and type can make all the difference in the world. But figuring out which chai is best has got to do with more than just exploring various types of teas and their grades. It’s also important to make sure that the tea brand you choose sources tea from the best tea gardens in India, including Dooars tea gardens

Which Chai Patti is Best For Daily Chai Preparation?

Out of various types of Indian teas available, CTC tea is the best option for daily chai preparation. The main reason is CTC tea has a strong and robust flavour that loose leaf tea varieties do not have. Also, since CTC tea is affordable, it caters to the mass needs of daily chai consumption. 

CTC tea, which stands for Crush, Tear, Curl, is a method of processing tea leaves. The leaves are passed through a series of cylindrical rollers with sharp teeth that crush, tear, and curl them into small, uniform granules. This process gives CTC tea its characteristic appearance and quick brewing time. On the other hand, loose leaf tea consists of whole tea leaves that are plucked and dried without undergoing the CTC process. These leaves are larger and more intact compared to CTC tea granules.

CTC Tea is Best for All Popular Chai Varieties

When it comes to daily chai consumption, CTC tea is often considered the best fit. Its granular form allows for a faster infusion. Whether you prefer a strong and robust Kadak Chai or a fragrant and spiced Masala Chai, CTC tea delivers a consistent and flavorful cup every time. The small granules release their essence quickly, resulting in a rich concoction that satisfies even the most discerning chai lover.

Which chai patti is best

Which Chai Patti is Best for Trending Chai

CTC tea is versatile. It serves as the base for various types of chai in India. Take, for example, the beloved Masala Chai, in other words, spiced tea. CTC tea is blended with spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger, and milk as a staple in many Indian households. CTC tea's ability to hold up against the bold flavors of the spices makes it an ideal choice for Masala Chai.

CTC Chai Patti is The Best For Elaichai Chai and Other Chai Varieties

Similarly, if you enjoy a refreshing Elaichi Chai with its distinct cardamom flavor, CTC tea provides a strong foundation that pairs well with the aromatic spice. The robustness of CTC tea also complements the bold flavors of Adrak Chai, which is infused with ginger for a zesty kick. 

Whether you prefer a frothy Malai Chai with a generous dollop of cream or a unique Tandoori Chai infused with smoky flavors, CTC tea can withstand the intense brewing methods and ingredients, resulting in a delightful cup of chai.


What Is Loose CTC Tea and How Is It Different From Blended CTC Tea?

CTC loose tea comes in different grades such as BOPSM, BP, OF, dust, orthodox leaf, green leaf, etc. Each grade has its own distinct characteristics such as size, flavour, aroma, and colour. Whereas a blended CTC tea is crafted by experience tea tasters so that every spoonful of chai patti contains all the desired characteristics. So for everyday use, blended CTC, including Naturolled’s blended CTC tea, is the right option.

A common misconception is that all tea exudes the same characteristics which is not the case. CTC tea from Assam and Dooars region has a robust strong taste and colour while Darjeeling tea varieties have a fruity and muscatel taste and aroma. So an amalgamation of the right proportion of different grades of tea and tea from different regions makes the perfect brew that is savoured and loved by most.

Which Chai is Best? CTC Tea or Loose Leaf Tea?

While loose leaf tea has its own charm. It requires a longer brewing time and a more meticulous preparation process. Loose leaf tea or a single-grade tea demands careful measuring, steeping, and straining to achieve the desired flavor profile. However, for daily chai consumption, blended CTC tea adheres to all senses packed in a single serving.

Now that we have explored the differences between CTC tea and loose leaf tea, the next area to explore is to choose the best tea brand for your daily chai fix. Siliguri tea companies, including Naturolled, offers the best of the best “chai patti” in the CTC tea category. All our tea products (packs) have authentic and freshest Dooars Tea sourced from the best Dooars Tea gardens.

Be bold while selecting a tea brand and brave enough to open your palate to different blends. Additionally, opt for brands that prioritize sustainability and ethical practices in their tea production.

In conclusion, CTC chai patti is an excellent choice for your daily chai needs. Its quick brewing time, consistent flavor, and versatility make it the perfect fit for various types of chai in India. Be it Black Tea, Masala Tea, or other tea varieties.

Choose Naturolled’s blended CTC tea to elevate your chai time every day. Enjoy the daily ritual of savoring a cup of chai that rejuvenates both the body and soul.

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