Naturolled offers CTC tea in four categories: Classic Blended, Premium Blended, Ultra Blended, and Regular Blended.

CTC Tea With a Natural Taste & Aroma

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Naturolled CTC Tea, across all categories and prices, elevates your tea time experience with a natural taste and a fresh aroma.

Naturolled CTC Tea Rs 10
Classic Blended Tea of 30 grams

Rs 10 Sachet Pack

Our Rs 10 CTC tea sachet pack of 30 grams is easy on the pocket while tasting heavenly. It tastes just as good as it looks!

Naturolled 250 Gms Classic Blended CTC Tea
Classic Blended Tea of 250 grams

Rs 100 Zipper Pack

Our 250 grams of flavourful goodness is an easy choice for your Rs 100 spare change. Spend less and enjoy awesome tea more.

Naturolled 500 Gms Classic Blended CTC Tea
Classic Blended Tea of 500 grams

Rs 200 Zipper Pack

Save more and pay less for your tea purchase with our 500 grams CTC tea pack that costs lesser than other tea brands.

Naturolled 500 Gms Ultra Blended CTC Tea
Ultra Blended Tea of 500 grams

Rs 300 Zipper Pack

Treat yourself with our ultra premium CTC tea that tantalizes your taste buds and takes you on a flavourful journey.

Naturolled 1 Kg Classic Blended CTC Tea
Classic Blended Tea of 1 Kilogram

Rs 400 Zipper Pack

Be sorted with your monthly tea shopping with our 1 Kg zipper CTC tea pack that brings you sealed freshness while costing way less.

Naturolled 1 Kg Premium Blended CTC Tea
Premium Blended Tea of 1 Kilogram

Rs 500 Zipper Pack

If it is premium, it should be more. Enjoy our premium CTC tea with a sufficing 1 Kg quantity that ensures you don’t run out on it quickly.

Naturolled 3 Kg Tea Hotel Pack CTC Tea
Regular Blended Tea of 3 Kilograms

Rs 900 Jar Pack

Simplify your bulk CTC tea purchase needs with our 3 Kg jar that’s as large as your love for tea. It’s our biggest pack yet.

Naturolled Green Tea
Green Tea of 250 Grams

Rs 200 Can Pack

Elevate your daily dose of green tea with our fresh, natural, and flavourful green tea that stimulates the senses and soothes the soul.

Naturolled Xtra Blended CTC Tea
Xtra Blended Tea (Coming Soon)

Xtra Pack (Upcoming)

Once in a while, it’s good to escape the everyday monotony and experience something extra. Our extra blended CTC tea will help you do just that.

Naturolled Tea
CTC Tea With Crisp Freshness and Unwavering Natural Taste
Top Quality

CTC tea minimally processed from top quality leaves.

Locally Sourced

Naturolled CTC tea is locally sourced from local tea gardens.

Quality Control

Each CTC tea batch undergoes strict quality checks.


Naturolled CTC tea meets all the crucial industry quality standards.

Available Online

Naturolled CTC is available in Amazon, BigBasket, & Flipkart.

Natural Quality

Naturolled CTC tea is made from natural tea leaves.

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What Our Partners & Customers Say

We love working with our tea distributors and serving our customers. Here are some good words they have for us.

If you are looking for a tea wholesaler to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them.
Ashish Sinha
Tea Distributor
I really like Naturolled's business model which is different in the market. They offer tea distributorship to not just established distributors but also to freshers.
Koustav Das
They offer one of the most competitive CTC tea wholesale that's why I partnered with Naturolled. Looking forward to a long-term partnership with them.
Abhishek Banerjee
Tea Wholesaler
I've liked Naturolled from the get-go. Their brand name, branding, initiatives to help new entrepreneurs, and their long-term vision. Wish the team best wishes for all their endeavours.
Subham Sarkar

Naturolled Offers CTC Tea Distributorship

As a leading tea company in Siliguri, Naturolled offers high-profit CTC tea distributorship in Siliguri, entire West Bengal, and other states and districts. Attractive wholesale pricing, free delivery of bulk purchases, and several other benefits are available.