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What Exactly is Siliguri Tea? Is Siliguri a Major Tea Hub?

‘Siliguri Tea’ is not exactly a tea variety in itself but a colloquial term that regular tea drinkers and tea businesses, such as tea traders, use. The term ‘Siliguri Tea’ is sort of widely used particularly because the city is one of the major tea hubs in India.

Explore this article to learn about Siliguri Tea, what it exactly means, and how it has shaped the chai culture in the country. 

Siliguri Tea Translates to Dooars Tea and Darjeeling Tea

When people say ‘Siliguri Tea,’ it refers to the top tea varieties available in the city, including Dooars Tea and Darjeeling Tea. Siliguri tea can also broadly refer to Assam Tea in some cases, but it’s mostly Dooars Tea and Darjeeling Tea as the city is a central distribution hub for these two tea varieties. 

Siliguri is surrounded by the Darjeeling hills on the east and the Dooars-Terai region in the south. The close association with these two tea-growing regions has made Siliguri one of the biggest hubs for tea businesses in India. 

Siliguri and its neighbouring regions

Siliguri Tea Gardens: Facts to Know 

There are many Siliguri tea gardens in and around the city. These tea gardens broadly come under the classification of Dooars Tea as they share terrain and weather similarities with the mainstream Dooars Tea gardens.  

Tea gardens in Dooars

Similar to Dooars Tea, tea varieties from Siliguri tea gardens are mainly CTC tea varieties. Almost all Siliguri tea gardens list their CTC tea under various grades, such as BP, and BOPSM. As a result, they cater to the mass chai-drinking population in India, the same way as Assam Tea does. 

And as you may know, CTC tea is best suited for all types of popular chai varieties, such as tandoori chai, masala chai, elaichi chai, butter chai, and more. Siliguri CTC tea is mass-produced every year in commercial volumes similar to Assam tea.  

Siliguri Tea Market for Tea Business: The Current State in 2023 

Siliguri tea market is a treasure trove for tea businesses all over India as the city has the best accessibility to all three top Indian tea varieties: Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, and Dooars Tea. We, at Naturolled, are a leading Siliguri tea company offering highly profitable partnership opportunities to tea distributors, sub-distributors, wholesalers, dealers, and even retailers that plan to purchase packaged and loose tea in bulk at the best-discounted tea manufacturer rates.  

Compared to other tea manufacturers in Siliguri, we have our in-house tea brand which is growing fast in West Bengal and other neighbouring states, including:

  • Bihar
  • Odisha
  • Jharkhand
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Madhya Pradesh

We offer the best margin to Siliguri tea wholesalers, distributors, dealers, retailers, and super stockists with additional benefits, such as:

  • Free delivery of qualifying bulk tea orders
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  • Cash discounts
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If you are into any type of tea business and want to buy high-quality tea in bulk at the lowest rates, then Siliguri tea wholesale market can be the best option for you to explore. 

The market demand for Dooars Tea is increasing every year as the chai drinking culture in India continues to proliferate with trends on social media. Also, the launch of innovative new chai stalls in India has added more virality to the chai drinking trends in most states.

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