Naturolled Tea Manufacturer Looking For Tea Wholesalers & Distributors

We, at Naturolled, are looking for distribution partners across the entire PAN India region to grow and expand our business with our Naturolled blended CTC tea SKUs that include Assam Tea, Darjeeling Tea, and Dooars Tea.

Partner With Naturolled: One of The Leading Manufacturers & Tea Wholesalers in Siliguri

As one of the leading branded tea manufacturers in Siliguri, Naturolled offers many benefits to tea distributors in Siliguri and PAN India tea wholesalers in Siliguri and PAN India,  and dealers in the PAN India region.

These benefits include a high profit margin of above 40% (including GST), free delivery of qualifying bulk orders to the main location of distributors and wholesalers, occasional bonuses, and a hike in profit margin (depending on annual performances).

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Join the Growing CTC Tea Distributorship Network of Naturolled: One of the Leading Branded Tea Manufacturers | Tea Wholesalers in Siliguri

Be a part of Naturolled’s rapidly growing network of CTC tea distributors and tea wholesalers in Siliguri and PAN India for free. Benefit from high-than-industry-standard profit margin and enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards.

Naturolled Tea Distributorship in Siliguri and PAN India

We are also looking for new distributors and wholesalers who want to try out the market of packaged tea that include Assam tea, Darjeeling tea, and Dooars tea. Check out our products.

How Can You Start

Getting started with Naturolled is quick and hassle-free. Check out these simple steps:

1. Place a small order of various SKUs (not everybody has the budget – you can order a very less quantity of Naturolled SKUs).

2. Start distributing in your local market through local vendors.

3. Understand what Naturolled tea categories are selling the most and are having the highest demand.

4. Place more orders for those tea categories to grow your business.

Difference Between Naturolled’s Distribution And Wholesale Partners

Here are the simple differences between our distributor and wholesale partners:

1) Distributor partners (people planning to build their distribution business reach and empire):

Once authorized, he/she will be given an entire zone to operate legally where other wholesalers will place orders from them

A profit margin of above 40% (including GST) (with free delivery)

Other attractive benefits 

2) Wholesale partners (people planning to start with a very limited budget):

Wholesale partners can order in any quantity and sell them

A profit margin of above 30% (including GST) (without free delivery)

Still have doubts in your mind? Call us or fill our form to connect with our team and understand more about how you can benefit the most by partnering with Naturolled. 

Get the Lowest CTC Tea Wholesale Rates in Siliguri From Naturolled Tea Manufacturer 

At Naturolled, we are able to offer the highest profit commissions to tea wholesalers, distributors, and dealers as we are Naturolled tea manufacturer. We manufacture our branded packaged tea in our own processing plants. We are certified by the Indian Government as Naturolled tea packets and tea bag manufacturers.

So, when you are partnering with us, you are doing tea business directly with a manufacturer that acts as direct tea suppliers in Siliguri and the entire PAN India.

Naturolled also leads as one of the CTC tea wholesalers in Siliguri, entire West Bengal, and PAN India by offering profit commissions of above 40% to tea distributors in Siliguri and other regions of all sizes. Since we manufacture our own branded tea, tea distributors in Siliguri and PAN India get the best wholesale rates from us than from other wholesalers and dealers. 

How does Naturolled offer Distributorship profit margin that is higher than the industry standard?

Naturolled is able to offer such a high profit commission by streamlining the tea sourcing process. We source tea from local tea gardens that are in close proximity to our processing and packaging facilities. This approach helps us significantly reduce the expenses involved in the logistics.

Another important reason is that we manufacture our own branded tea. We have our own branded and packaged CTC tea manufacturing facilities that produce our wide range of tea packers in a high volume every day. Unlike, other brands, we do not outsource our manufacturing and therefore are able to give tea distributors and tea wholesalers in Siliguri a high profit commission.

As a result, we are able to offer an attractive CTC tea and loose tea wholesale price in Siliguri and other regions while ensuring higher profit margins.

Other Benefits to Tea Distributors and Wholesalers From Naturolled

Naturolled, one of the best tea company in Siliguri, offers several other benefits to CTC tea distributors as part of the goal to foster strong relationships with all types of tea dealers in Siliguri and build a strong network of growth-focused loose and packaged tea distributorship and wholesale.

We are offering free CTC tea distributorship of our packaged and loose tea in 2023! You do not have to pay any fees to join us as a tea wholesaler or distributor in Siliguri, entire West Bengal, and entire PAN India.

Free CTC Tea Distributorship and Wholesale From Naturolled

Free delivery of qualifying bulk tea orders is one of the most attractive benefits we offer to distributors of all sizes and locations.

Our free bulk order transport facility will ensure that the bulk tea orders get delivered to the main local site of the distributors. Please note that this free transport facility will ensure free delivery of bulk tea orders only till the main local site/landmark of the distributors.

As one of the leading branded tea manufacturers in Siliguri, Naturolled also seeks to offer increments in tea distribution profit margin depending on the performance of the distributors and the company’s annual turnover. Naturolled also offers occasional bonuses, such as cashbacks and holiday trips, to reward distributors even more.

Avail Unmatched Benefits From the Leading Manufacturer/Tea Wholesalers in Siliguri

Do a lot more than just settle with an attractive tea wholesale price in Siliguri. Benefit from profit margin that is higher than the industry standard, free delivery on qualifying bulk tea orders, occasional bonuses, and profit margin hikes.

No other tea wholesalers in Siliguri, in entire West Bengal, and other regions offer these types of benefits and facilities to large, medium, and small tea distributors. However, Naturolled is here to bring a change with our in-house packaged CTC tea manufacturing processes to offer the highest margins and the best benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Naturolled is one of the best tea wholesalers in Siliguri and other regions for distributors because they are Naturolled branded tea manufacturers. They manufacture their own branded CTC tea and therefore offer the highest profit commissions with the lowest wholesale rates. No other wholesalers can match their offers.

Tea distributors in Siliguri should partner with branded CTC tea manufacturers for the highest profit commissions. When partnering directly with a branded tea manufacturer like Naturolled, there is no middleman involved. And therefore, tea distributors can get the highest commissions from the manufacturer.

Manufacturers that directly offer wholesale are the best options for the best rates.

The best way for tea distributors to get the best rates for branded Darjeeling tea is to partner with a manufacturing brand like Naturolled.

Naturolled offers the best distributorship for branded Dooars tea by manufacturing the branded tea in their own processing plants.