Attractive CTC Tea Wholesale Price for Distributorship

Naturolled offers high-profit CTC tea distributorship and welcomes distributors with an attractive CTC tea wholesale price.

Benefits From Naturolled: One of The Leading Tea Wholesalers in Siliguri

Apart from offering a highly-attractive CTC tea wholesale price, Naturolled also offers several other benefits to help tea distributors grow by leaps and bounds. These other benefits include a high profit margin of 30%, free delivery of bulk orders to the main location of distributors, occasional bonuses, and a hike in profit margin (depending on annual performances).

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Join the Growing CTC Tea Distributorship Network of Naturolled: One of the Leading Tea Wholesalers in Siliguri and Other Regions

Be a part of Naturolled’s rapidly growing network of CTC tea distributors who benefit from high-than-industry-standard profit margin and enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards.

How does Naturolled offer Distributorship profit margin that is higher than the industry standard?

Naturolled leads as one of the CTC tea wholesalers in Siliguri, entire West Bengal, and other regions by offering a flat profit margin of 30% to tea distributors of all sizes and locations.

Naturolled is able to offer such a high profit margin by streamlining the tea sourcing process. We source tea from local tea gardens that are in close proximity to our processing and packaging facilities. This approach helps us significantly reduce the expenses involved in the logistics.

As a result, we are able to offer an attractive CTC tea and loose tea wholesale price in Siliguri and other regions while ensuring higher profit margins.

Other benefits to tea distributors from Naturolled

Naturolled, one of the best tea company siliguri offers several other benefits to CTC tea distributors as part of the goal to foster strong relationships with distributors and build strong network of growth-focused tea distributorship networks.

Free delivery of bulk wholesale tea orders is one of the most attractive benefits we offer to distributors of all sizes and locations.

Our free bulk order transport facility will ensure that the bulk tea orders get delivered to the main local site of the distributors. Please note that this free transport facility will ensure free delivery of bulk tea orders only till the main local site/landmark of the distributors.

Naturolled also seeks to offer up to 35% of tea distribution profit margin depending on the performance of the distributors and the company’s annual turnover. Naturolled also offers occasional bonuses to reward distributors even more.

Avail unmatched benefits from the leading tea wholesalers in Siliguri

Do a lot more than just settle with an attractive tea wholesale price in Siliguri. Benefit from profit margin that is higher than the industry standard, free delivery on every bulk tea order, occasional bonuses, and profit margin hikes.

No other tea wholesalers in Siliguri, in entire West Bengal, and other regions offer these types of benefits and facilities to large, medium, and small tea distributors. However, Naturolled is here to change the course of the tea distribution space.