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The Magic of Tasty Tea Powder in Tasty Tea Recipes

Tasty tea powders work wonders in making your daily cup of tea flavourful and elevating your overall tea time experience. But what exactly are tasty tea powders, and how to choose them for your daily tea needs? The secret lies in choosing tea powder of the right tea grade. 

Tea powder rate

What Exactly Is Tasty Tea Powder?

People searching online with the term “tasty tea powder” usually refer to tea powders that have a strong and balanced flavour along with a fresh aroma. Also, most people expect the tea powder they choose to prepare quickly. 

For a lot of tea lovers, tasty tea powder also means tea products mixed with additional flavours, such as cardamom (elaichi flavour), masala flavour, ginger lemon flavour, and more.

Tea Powders Are Essentially PD Grade Teas

CTC tea under the PD grade category has a dust or powder form and therefore is commonly known as tea powder. Although PD-grade CTC tea is available as a single grade, it is mostly blended with other CTC tea grades, including:

  • BP
  • OF
  • Orthodox

Our tea products have a well-balanced blend of PD-grade tea powders of high quality that include other high-quality grades.  As a leading tea company in Siliguri, we at Naturolled, offer PD tea powders of the best quality.  


Are Tea Powders an Essential Part of Tasty Tea Recipes?

In most ways, yes. Tea powders form the fundamental element of any tea recipe, whether for tea cafe purposes or for home preparation. The tea powder quality also matters a lot. Apart from the tea powders, the steps of the recipe, and the other ingredients to be used, are equally important. 

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Tasty Tea Powders vs Strong CTC Tea

How do tea powders compare against CTC tea of other grades, such as OF, BP, BOPSM, and Orthodox? Here are some comparisons we have made in terms of taste and rate: 

Taste Comparison

In terms of taste, tea powders in general have a malty taste but can get bitter if used in high quantities. On the other hand, other CTC tea grades, such as OF, BP, BOPSM, and Orthodox, take time to infuse in water and milk and therefore have a balanced flavour. However, they too can get a bit bitter if infused in water or milk for too long or in large amounts.

Rate Comparison 

Tea powder rates vary as per their quality and freshness. Similar to other CTC tea grades, tea powder rates vary as per their flush batches. The more recent the flush/harvesting batch, the more the freshness and the higher the price. 

PD tea powder rates are more or less similar to BP, BOPSM, and OF CTC tea grades. On the other hand, Orthodox and similar loose leaf grades are the most expensive.

Tea powder rate

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