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Start Your CTC Tea Business With a Distributorship

If you are interested in a CTC tea business and are planning to start one, you can partner with Naturolled as a CTC tea distributor. Naturolled is a leading tea company in Siliguri and other regions in West Bengal.

CTC tea business

Taking CTC tea distributorship from Naturolled is highly profitable than taking it from other tea wholesalers and manufacturers. This is because we, at Naturolled, are our brand's tea manufacturer and therefore are able to offer the highest profit margin of 40% which other wholesalers and tea companies do not provide. 


Anyone Can Start a CTC Business With Naturolled As a Distributor

Whether you are a businessman, a fresher, or want to earn a second income, you can partner with us for CTC business as a distributor or wholesaler; we offer free joining. You can either choose our primary distributorship model in which you have to fulfill a certain minimum bulk order criteria or select our secondary distributorship model in which you can place a small order. 

1. Primary Distributorship Model 

Best for: Businessmen, already-established Tea/FMCG distributors, and new distributors.

As one of the leading CTC tea wholesalers in Siliguri, we offer highly profitable CTC tea distributorship to already-established tea and FMCG distributors, CTC tea business individuals, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and new distributors.

You benefit from a 40% profit margin (which is the highest in the market) and free transportation when you place your bulk tea order from us. Our minimum order value is 250 kgs for the free transportation facility.

You can order 250 kgs or more from across our wide range of tea pack categories (SKUs). Here are our tea pack size categories:

Blended CTC Tea Pack Sizes Profit Margin (Discount on MRP)
30 grams Up to 40%
250 grams Up to 40%
500 grams Up to 40%
1 kilogram Up to 40%
3 kilograms  Up to 40%

We also accept bulk tea orders below 260 kgs. But please do note that bulk tea orders below 260 kgs do not include our free transportation benefit.  

2. Secondary Distributorship Model 

Best for: Freshers looking for a small business opportunity with minimum investment.

We also welcome freshers and individuals (of any age group) who want to start a CTC tea business with a very low investment. If you fall into this category, you do not have to place bulk tea order from us.

We will provide you with the flexibility to place a minimum tea order of 30 kgs which will cost as low as INR 7000. However, please do note that there is no option to customize our predefined lot sizes. 

For example, if one lot of our 30 gms pack category includes 1000 packs, then there is no option to order 500 packs which can mean ordering half of one lot.

Distributorship for CTC Tea Packs of Various Sizes and Prices

As mentioned in the table above, you can choose from our wide range of CTC tea pack sizes for a standard distributorship or a low-investment distributorship. Here are some of our CTC tea packs ranging from 30 gms to 500 gms. 

Our 30 gms tea pack for CTC Tea Business

30 gms ctc tea price

Our 500 gms tea zipper pack for CTC Tea Business

500 gms ctc tea pack

Benefits of Starting a CTC Business as a Distributor With Naturolled

As you might have already read above, there are several benefits you can get as a CTC tea distributor from us. Here is a recap: 

1. 40% Profit Margin

The primary benefit you get from us is a high distributorship profit margin of 40% which is the highest margin in the Indian tea industry. 

2. Free Transportation of Every Bulk Tea Order

Tea and FMCG distributors who place bulk tea orders of 250 kgs and above from us are eligible for the free transportation benefit. Our team will deliver your bulk tea order to your main landmark location from our warehouse. 

Check out more benefits of starting a CTC tea business with us as a distributor or a wholesaler in this article: Best Distributorship Business Opportunities in India 

Contact Naturolled at:

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Or you can send us your message through our Contact or Distributorship/Wholesalers form. 

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