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Profitable Tea Wholesale Business With Naturolled Tea Brand

There is no doubt that the tea wholesale business is one of the most profitable businesses in India as the country has one of the biggest tea-drinking populations in the world. 

If you are planning to start a wholesale tea business in India, or want to grow your existing tea wholesale business, it is important to take the right steps to improve profitability quickly and on a consistent basis. Check out the important steps to take in this article to apply them to your wholesale tea business and achieve results quickly. 

1. Plan Your Tea Wholesale Business

The first and most important step to take in order to start a wholesale tea business or even improve the profitability of your business is to have a proper tea wholesale business plan. For example, have you planned whether you want to do wholesale business of loose or packaged tea or both? And do you have clarity on whether you want to do wholesale business of all types of tea packets or specific types of tea packets such as 250 g packs and 3 KG jar packs? 

Even if you do not have a highly strategic plan, you should at least have a basic tea wholesale business plan that outlines the steps you want to take in order to ensure that you grow your CTC tea business steadily. With a proper business plan, you can move ahead in the right direction and not get distracted by other factors that can impact the profitability and overall growth of your business. 

Tea wholesale business plan

2. Look For the Right Wholesale Tea Market

Another important step to take is to choose the right wholesale tea markets. As a wholesaler, you ideally need to choose two wholesale tea markets, one from where you need to procure tea at low wholesale rates and another where you have to resell the tea to retailers. 

You can get the best tea wholesale price in Siliguri as the city is one of the biggest tea hubs in India. Whether you want to do business in Darjeeling tea, Dooars tea, or Assam tea, you can get one of the lowest Wholesale rates in the city. 

As one of the leading tea companies in Siliguri, we at Naturolled, offer the best wholesale and distribution rates for our brand packet tea as well as loose CTC tea (blended and unblended), and packaged and loose green tea. 

Wholesale tea market

3. Choose the Right Wholesale Tea Company/Brand

It is only through partnering with the right wholesale tea company that it becomes possible for you to buy tea at the lowest wholesale rates for maximum profitability. And the best step to take is to partner directly with a tea manufacturer to ensure there are no middlemen involved.

And when there are no middlemen involved, it becomes possible for you to get manufacturer rates directly from the tea company. In this process, it is best to partner with a tea manufacturer in Siliguri as they have the best quality tea which you can buy in bulk at the lowest wholesale rates. 


4. Choose the Highest Margin for Packaged and Loose Tea

Another crucial factor to consider in order to grow your tea wholesale business is to choose the highest profit margin from the tea manufacturers, regardless of whether you want to deal in packaged or loose tea or both. This basically means that as a wholesaler, you have to choose the lowest discounted rates to keep a high margin for your wholesale tea business in India.

The standard profit margin in wholesale tea markets in India is around 30% of the MRP of the tea. However, by partnering with a Siliguri tea company like Naturolled, you can get up to 40% margin which is by far the highest in the industry. 

Many tea wholesalers in Siliguri partner with us to get the best profit margin in and around the city. Depending on your order volume, you can also become eligible to get distributor rates and other distributor benefits while running your tea wholesale business. 

Wholesale tea business

5. Start With the Right Products for Your Tea Wholesale Business

If you are planning to start a wholesale tea business in India, one important area to focus on is choosing the tea products with which you will enter the market. If you have a limited budget, it is wise to choose only a couple of tea SKUs from the tea company and test their reponse in your local market.

Once your start analysing the market response, focus on the products that get more sales by ordering more of them from us. Our team will help you meet the market demand without fail by ensuring proper transportation of the bulk tea orders you place. 

Also, it is crucial to choose the type of tea. We strongly recommend doing wholesale business in Dooars tea as it is affordable, easily available, and has a high quality that ensures a strong tea taste and aroma.

6. Get Free Delivery for Maximum Wholesale Tea Business Profitability 

When partnering with a tea company, make sure that you get the benefit of free transportation of the bulk tea orders you place. At Naturolled, we offer free transportation of qualifying bulk tea orders to tea wholesalers as well as distributors.

Our company vehicle will deliver qualifying bulk tea orders in and around West Bengal for absolutely free. If you are a tea wholesaler, distributor, dealer, or super stockist from another state in India, our team will deliver your qualifying bulk tea orders for free.  

Wholesale tea business in India

Grow your Wholesale Tea Business in India with Naturolled

As a leading tea company in India, we at Naturolled offer the best benefits to tea wholesalers in all states, including market-leading profit margin, free transportation of qualifying bulk tea orders, cash discounts, uneven amount round-offs, and performance-based benefits such as holiday trip packages.

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