Introducing Naturolled: A New CTC Tea Company In Siliguri

Siliguri tea gardens

Siliguri has many tea gardens in and around the city, yet it is deprived of a household tea brand name. But this is now changing with Naturolled - A new CTC tea company in Siliguri focused on redefining CTC tea in Siliguri and all over West Bengal.

CTC tea in West Bengal with Fresh and Natural Taste    

CTC tea lovers do not have to compromise on the exquisite freshness and natural flavour of fine-selected tea leaves in packaged CTC tea. 

Naturolled aims to preserve the highest amount of freshness and natural taste in packaged CTC tea by shortening and streamlining the tea plucking (tea harvest), processing (crush, tear, curl), and packaging gap.

How does Naturolled bridge these gaps? Unlike other CTC tea companies, Naturolled uses its Dooars/Jaigoan location to its advantage. Naturolled sources freshly plucked tea leaves from the nearest tea gardens during every flush season. 

The close proximity to the tea gardens means Naturolled can have the freshly plucked tea leaves processed without significant wait times. This way, Naturolled has a distinct advantage over other CTC tea companies in Siliguri and other West Bengal areas in preserving the freshness and natural taste of tea.  

Read our About Us story to learn more about our inception, values, and visions. 

First Tea Launches of Naturolled - A New CTC Tea Company in Siliguri

Naturolled takes immense pride in launching its first two ranges of CTC tea, the Classic Blended Tea range, and the Premium Blended Tea range.   

Naturolled Classic Blended Tea - Our three initial options within the Classic Blended Tea range. 

Naturolled Premium Blended Tea - Our two initial options within the Premium Blended Tea range.   

Visit our product page to learn more about our CTC tea ranges. 

Naturolled CTC Tea Availability

For customers (beloved tea lovers) 

Naturolled is currently focusing on online orders from marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, and BigBasket to reach tea lovers all over India while streamlining the online order fulfillment processes.  

For distributors

Naturolled is open for tea distributorships and encourages tea distributors of every region in India to partner. 

Partnering with Naturolled is an excellent opportunity for tea distributors. Compared to the industry standard tea distribution profit margin of 22%, Naturolled seeks to offer a flat 30% profit margin to tea distributors of all sizes and locations. 

The 30% profit margin offered by Naturolled is 36% higher than the industry standard margin of 22%.

So, contact us today for tea distributorship opportunities in Siliguri, the entire West Bengal, and other states in India. 

Thank You

As one of the value-driven CTC tea companies in Siliguri, Naturolled seeks to offer the best experiences to tea lovers nationwide and provide tea distributors with great untapped business opportunities.  

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