High Tea Distributorship Profit Margin from Naturolled

CTC Tea Wholesaler in Siliguri Offering a High Distributorship Profit Margin

Naturolled is a leading CTC brand focused on elevating the overall experience of CTC tea for tea lovers in West Bengal and all over India. 

Naturolled also positions itself as one of the competition-leading CTC tea wholesalers in Siliguri, West Bengal, and other regions by offering a high profit margin to CTC tea distributors.  


High Profit Margin CTC Tea Distributorship with Naturolled

Naturolled offers the best CTC tea distributorship opportunity to tea distributors in Siliguri, entire West Bengal, and other regions.

The industry standard tea distributorship profit margin averages around 20% to 22%.

But Naturolled breaks the barrier and offers a flat 30% profit margin to tea distributors of all sizes which makes it the market-leading CTC tea wholesaler in Siliguri.

The 30% distributorship margin that Naturolled offers is 36% higher than the average of the industry standard. 

Free Bulk CTC Tea Transport Benefits

Distributors get free bulk CTC tea transportation benefits with Naturolled. 

When you order CTC tea in bulk from us, we will provide you with free transportation of bulk tea from our dispatch units to the main local site of your location.

Please note that the free bulk tea transportation facility will be available only till the main local site. For example, if you are a CTC tea distributor located in a remote area, you will be able to have your bulk CTC tea order transported to you only to the main local site of your area (e.g., the main market). 

This benefit is not available with small-sized or local CTC tea wholesalers in Siliguri and is only normally offered by giant companies. 

But Naturolled offers this benefit to distributors of all sizes and on every bulk order. 

More Benefits From One of the Best CTC Tea Wholesalers in Siliguri

Naturolled seeks to reward CTC tea distributors more!

Naturolled seeks to offer a 35% profit margin occasionally depending on the performance of the distributors and the company’s annual turnover. 

How Is Naturolled Able To Offer Higher Profit Margin Than the Industry Standard?

Unlike other CTC tea wholesalers in Siliguri and West Bengal region, Naturolled is able to offer a significantly higher profit margin to tea distributors by streamlining its processes.

Unlike other CTC tea wholesalers and companies, Naturolled uses its Dooars location to its advantage and sources the freshest tea from the nearest tea gardens. Doing this helps Naturolled cut down the time and costs involved in sourcing natural tea.

The expenses that would be otherwise required in the logistics of sourcing tea is saved. Naturolled uses this cost-saving process to allocate funds for offering higher CTC tea distributorship profit margin.

If you want to learn more about Naturolled’s streamlined processes, read our Introductory Post.

Interested in Naturolled’s High-profit Tea Distributorship Opportunity?

Are you an established tea distributor looking for CTC tea wholesalers in Siliguri or other regions offering a high profit margin?

Or are you a small-sized tea distributor who is interested in rewarding distributor partnerships? 

Naturolled looks forward to partnering with tea distributors of all sizes and locations. 

Contact us today to be a part of our high-value tea distribution network. Send across your message to us and we will respond promptly.

Or you can directly email us at contact@naturolled.com  

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