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Best Tea Wholesale Price From Siliguri Across PAN India

If there is one region from where tea wholesalers across India can get the best tea wholesale price, it is Siliguri. Why Siliguri city? Well, Siliguri is one of the major tea hubs in India as it is surrounded by a lot of tea gardens in the Dooars Terai region. 

Siliguri is the gateway for all the tea produced in Dooars to reach all other states in India. So, if you are a tea wholesaler located anywhere in India, you can make your tea wholesale business more profitable by purchasing packet and loose CTC tea from Siliguri. 

Here are some of the points to consider: 

1. Choose A Siliguri Tea Company That Is a Manufacturer

One of the primary steps to take in order to get the best tea wholesale price from Siliguri in any region in India is to make sure that you partner with a Siliguri tea company that has branded tea and is also a manufacturer. Getting this step right helps you get manufacturer rates for every type of tea you order in bulk across any region in the country.

Naturolled is its own brand tea manufacturer with in-house manufacturing of branded packet tea. As a brand tea manufacturer in Siliguri, we are able to offer the best wholesale rates for our branded Dooars tea packs to tea wholesalers across India. 


2. Ensure That the Dooars Tea Is Sourced Directly From Tea Gardens

When you partner with a tea company in Siliguri, make sure that the tea company sources Dooars tea directly from the tea gardens. Since tea brands have a high volume of tea production every month, they can purchase tea from Dooars tea in huge quantities during auctions which is a mandate from Dooars tea gardens and other tea gardens in general.      

It is through direct tea sourcing from the tea gardens that Naturolled can offer the best wholesale rates to all tea wholesalers in all states and districts of India. Direct sourcing helps us ensure the best tea wholesale price for packaged as well as loose Dooars CTC tea while maintaining the best quality. 


3. Get the Best Tea Wholesale Price for Leaf and CTC Blended Tea

Compared to unblended CTC tea, blended CTC tea has more market demand as it tastes better. Blending different grades of CTC tea with leaf tea makes the overall tea taste stronger which perfectly suits the ‘kadak chai’ demand in India.

At Naturolled, we carefully hand-blended various grades of high-quality Dooars tea with leaf tea to maintain the best taste and aroma. Tea wholesalers of all states in India can get the best-discounted rates for blended CTC tea from us. Contact our team to assist you.  

Blended CTC tea

4. Choose SKUs That Best Meet Your Market Needs

When partnering with a tea brand in Siliguri, such as Naturolled, tea wholesalers get the option of choosing from various products. Depending on the local market demands, tea wholesalers can choose either all or selective products from the company’s SKUs.

At Naturolled, we offer tea wholesalers the flexibility to choose our various tea packs and order them at the lowest wholesale prices accordingly. With our best packet tea wholesale price, tea wholesalers from all over India can benefit from a high profit margin when selling to retailers in their local market. 

Naturolled tea

5. Get Free Delivery Benefits On Bulk Tea Orders From Siliguri 

Apart from a low wholesale rate, tea wholesalers can also request the tea company for free delivery to benefit more. Tea wholesalers located far from Siliguri have to bear high transportation costs which eventually lowers the profitability of their CTC tea business. However, with the free transportation benefit, wholesalers can avoid this challenge.

Among the list of tea companies in and around Siliguri, Naturolled offers wholesalers and distributors the best benefit of free transportation. We have several delivery partners working with us, including:

  • Gati
  • DTDC
  • Blue Dart Express
  • Delhivery

With these delivery partners, we offer free on-time delivery of qualifying bulk tea orders. 

6. Get Company-Fulfilled Delivery in Neighbouring Regions

Tea wholesalers located in West Bengal can get free delivery that is fulfilled by tea manufacturers in Siliguri. For example, we at Naturolled, can fulfill wholesale orders in and around Siliguri through our delivery vehicles. Upon placing qualifying wholesale orders, our team will deliver your order for free in the company’s vehicle.

Online tea delivery

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