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Best Distributorship Business Opportunities in India

The tea category offers one of the best distributorship business opportunities in India as it is one of the most in-demand FMCG products. If you are looking for a good distributorship business opportunity or want to know how to start a distributorship business in India, tea can be the right category for you. 

Best Distributorship Business Opportunities in India in the FMCG Industry 

FMCG is undoubtedly one of the best industries for the best distributorship business opportunities in India. Unlike some industries that face fluctuations in year-over-year (YOY) growth, the FMCG industry has seen steady growth over the years. 

According to the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the FMCG industry in India saw a growth of 16% in the Financial Year 2021. 

And in the FMCG industry, tea is one of the most popular products as it is an everyday household need.

CTC Tea Distributorship Opportunity From Naturolled

Naturolled, a leading tea company in Siliguri, offers one of the best tea distributorship business opportunities in India. Naturolled welcomes established distributors as well as new distributorship business entrepreneurs to join the CTC tea distributorship program.

Naturolled offers five major benefits to new and established distributors of all locations and sizes. The benefits include:

1. Best Tea Wholesale Rate (Price)

It is the wholesale rate that matters to tea and FMCG product distributors for three core focus areas: (1) profit margin, (2) high-volume bulk orders, and (3) business scale-up/growth. A low tea wholesale rate makes it easy for distributors to make improvements in all three areas.

Naturolled offers a low tea wholesale price to distributors and wholesalers of all locations and sizes. Naturolled’s entire tea procurement processes are based locally which leaves room for lower wholesale rates. 


2. Highest Profit Margin of 40% 

Profit margin is another metric that highly matters to tea and FMCG distributors of all locations and sizes. The higher the profit margin, the more the profit for distributors. The best distributorship business opportunities in India are the ones that offer a high profit margin to the distributors.

As one of the leading tea wholesalers in Siliguri and other locations, Naturolled offers the highest profit margin of 40% in the tea distributorship and wholesale market. A 40% profit margin means distributors get a 40% discount on the tea pack MRPs. 

High profit CTC tea distributorship

With a 30% profit margin, distributors can, in turn, offer attractive retail profit margins and do business with more retailers. And the more retailers in the distribution network, the higher the distributorship profit and yearly revenues.

3. Free Transportation of Bulk Tea Orders

Transporting bulk tea orders is a significant business expense for distributors. Many distributors end up diluting 1% to 2% of their profit margin to bear the logistics expenses which limits their revenue generation. Logistics expenses also slow down distributorship network scale-up and overall business growth.

However, Naturolled helps distributors eliminate the extra transportation costs by offering free transportation for every bulk tea order. Naturolled’s distributorship success team will deliver the bulk tea orders to the main landmark location of the distributors. 

Free transportation is especially beneficial for new candidates planning on how to start a distributorship business in India with minimal investment. 

4. Incentives and Profit Margin Increments

In most distributorship cases, the growth factor (even in some of the best distributorship business opportunities in India) is limited to a low wholesale rate and profit margin. The availability of only two growth verticals does not help distributors accelerate their distributorship business growth rapidly within a short time frame.

However, Naturolled offers more room for growth to distributors and dealers with occasional incentives and performance-based profit margin increments. These rewards encourage distributors to add more rigour to their sales processes and consistently improve performance. 

Incentives and increments in best distributorship business opportunities in India

5. Business Growth Consultation and Networking 

Naturolled’s tea distributorship business opportunity in India also comes with several extra benefits, including distributorship business consultation and distributor networking.  

Naturolled helps distributors (especially new distributors) with expert consultation on how to start a profitable tea distributorship business in India. Naturolled’s business consultation can also help distributors improve their sales processes ( acquiring retailers) and increase their revenue. 

Also, Naturolled’s distributor networking opportunities can help distributors, especially new distributors, join a network of top-performing distributors and learn business growth tactics from them.   


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We welcome established and new distributors to our CTC tea distributorship program where we offer all the benefits mentioned above. Contact us at  +919907324373 or contact@naturolled.com for highly profitable CTC tea distributorship. 

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