Benefits to Tea Distributors in India from Tea Manufacturers

8 Benefits for Tea Distributors From Brand Tea Manufacturers

Tea distributors in India benefit the most when they partner directly with brand tea manufacturers. This is true for tea wholesalers as well. Since no middleman is involved when directly partnering with brand CTC tea manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers get the highest profit margin.

Read this post to explore some of the biggest benefits that tea distributors and wholesalers get when they directly partner with manufacturers. 

1. Highest Profit Margins

The best and the most important benefit that tea distributors get when they directly partner with brand tea manufacturers is the highest margin for profit. Brand tea manufacturers in Siliguri, including Naturolled, offer a high profit margin of more than 40% which includes GST. 

Since Siliguri is a hub for tea, including Darjeeling tea, Dooars tea, and Assam tea, packet and tea bag manufacturers are able to procure tea locally, process them, and sell them in bulk to distributors at a very low rate.

Manufacturers are also able to offer the best CTC tea wholesale price to wholesalers which helps them keep an unmatched profit margin.

2. A Dedicated Pin Code Zone to Operate

Another major benefit that tea distributors and wholesalers get when they directly partner with a branded loose tea and/or CTC tea manufacturer is a dedicated market to do business in. Manufacturers/packers, such as Naturolled, offer distributors a dedicated region to operate in where they can supply bulk orders to wholesalers as well as retailers. 

This benefit helps tea distributors in the entire PAN India region to capture the market of a particular region and grow their business. Tea distributors who perform extremely well on a yearly basis also get the opportunity to expand their business to other regions and supply bulk tea orders to more wholesalers and retailers.

3. Regular Free Delivery of Qualifying Bulk Orders from Tea Manufacturers

Tea companies in Siliguri and Assam do not have to invest heavily in the logistics of procuring tea and therefore can offer free delivery of bulk tea orders on a regular basis. For example, Naturolled offers tea distributors and wholesalers regular free delivery of qualifying bulk tea orders.

Tea distributors can save their logistics expenses with the free delivery benefit and avoid lowering their profit margin. Transporting bulk tea orders of 100+ kgs can cost a significant amount. However, distributors can avoid the cost with the free delivery benefit.

4. Additional Benefits Such as Cashbacks and Holiday Trips

Branded tea manufacturers, including Naturolled, also offer additional benefits to tea distributors and wholesalers based on sale performance. For example, Naturolled launches occasional offers, such as cashback and holiday trips, that reward distributors and wholesalers based on the sale they generate.

Here is one example of a New Year 2023 offer:

CTC tea distributorship and wholesale offer

5. Opportunities for New Distributors to Get Started

Apart from experienced and already-established distributors, new tea and FMCG distributors also get the opportunity to start their regular and CTC tea business when directly partnering with a manufacturing company. Unlike many tea companies, Naturolled offers equal opportunities to new candidates planning to start a tea distributorship or wholesale business with a limited investment.

6. Assistance to New Distributors in Starting and Growing the Business

Growth-focused branded tea manufacturers also offer extensive support to new tea distributors and wholesalers of all sizes and locations. Our team at Naurolled offers dedicated support to new wholesale and distributorship business candidates to get started and scale their business across PAN India. 

Our team offers professional help in every step, including ordering a trial batch of every SKU, testing their sale with retailers, identifying the product that sells the most, and ordering that product in more quantity to diversify to other retailers in the local market.

Support for new tea distributors in Siliguri and India from Naturolled

7. Early Access to Newly Launched Tea Product Varieties

Since tea distributors and wholesalers can build a loyal business relationship with loose and branded CTC tea manufacturers, it becomes easy for them to have early access to every new product that the company launches.

This gives tea and FMCG distributors a first-mover advantage which helps them enter the product category market from the start and grow quickly.

Early access to new Naturolled CTC tea products

8. Long-term Partnership with Tea Manufacturers

Lastly, tea distributors and wholesalers can benefit from a long-term partnership with a branded tea manufacturer. This is because manufacturers are in for a long-term business and they continuously look for ways to diversify their product line and improve the reach across India and abroad. 

By partnering for the long term, tea distributors and wholesalers can grow along with the company and increase their profits in multiple areas. Long-term partnership and growth with the manufacturer ultimately bring stability to the business.

Long term partnership from Naturolled tea manufacturers with tea distributors in India

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