Partner With Tea Manufacturers In Siliguri

10 Steps to Partner With Tea Manufacturers in Siliguri

Are you a distributor, wholesaler, dealer, or someone starting a tea business who is planning to partner with one of the best tea manufacturers in Siliguri? If yes, it is best that you follow proper steps to ensure your efforts do not go to waste.

We have listed ten essential steps that every distributor, wholesaler, dealer, supplier, and aggregator can follow to secure a partnership with one of the best brand tea manufacturing companies in Siliguri.

1. Choose One of the Leading Brand Packet Tea Manufacturers in Siliguri

There are a lot of benefits for tea distributors and wholesalers when partnering directly with brand tea manufacturers in Siliguri. However, it is important to choose the right manufacturing company as the partner. 

Here are some of the factors to look for in a manufacturer for partnership:

  • Dedicated distributor, wholesaler, and dealer partnership program of the manufacturer.
  • A Manufacturing company that has its own packaged tea brand.
  • A Manufacturing company that is local in Siliguri.
  • Tea procurement from nearby tea gardens, including Dooars and Terrai.
  • No joining fees to start the partnership.

2. Request for Partnership Brochures

After choosing one of the leading brand tea manufacturers in Siliguri or around the city, the next step to take is to request a partnership brochure from the manufacturing company. You can request a brochure as per the type of partnership you want to start with the company. 

By going through the partnership brochure, you will be able to:

  • Explore the entire SKU range and learn about the products.
  • Understand the profit margin you will get as per the distributor, wholesale, or dealer partnership.
  • Learn about the minimum bulk order requirements for benefits, such as free transportation.
Tea business partnership brochure of tea manufacturers in Siliguri

3. Understand the Policies of The Tea Manufacturers in Siliguri

It is important to have clarity on all the policies of the tea manufacturer before you get started with the partnership. Check all the policies and their feasibility to make sure that there are no unforeseen clauses that can create challenges later on. 

Here are some of the major policies to check:

  • Documents required to start the partnership and do business (e.g. trade license).
  • Accepted payment models, such as credit, full payment, or half payment for bulk tea order fulfillment.
  • Logistics/supply chain management processes.

4. Learn About the Manufacturer’s Production and Other Processes

Before your start communicating about the partnership and finalizing it, it is best to first learn about the production and other inventory-related processes of the tea manufacturing company in Siliguri. 

Make sure that the company has its own manufacturing machines. For example, if you plan to partner with a packet tea manufacturer, ensure that they have in-house production and do not outsource it. 

At Naturolled, we have our own production facilities where we produce our brand’s packaged tea across a wide SKU range.

5. Finalize and Pitch the Type of Partnership You Want

After learning about the manufacturer's partnership opportunity options and their processes, the next vital step to take is to decide and finalize the type of partnership you want to go forward with. 

Whether you want to partner as a tea distributor, tea wholesaler, or tea dealer, make sure that the manufacturing company is in for a long-term partnership that will benefit both parties. And also make sure that the long-term partnership is applicable to all locations. 

For example, if you want the partnership for the best CTC wholesale price in Kolkata, ensure that the manufacturing company caters to your Kolkata market. 

Long-term partnership with tea manufacturing company in Siliguri

6. Order a Sample Kit That Includes All the SKUs

Before placing your first bulk order from the brand tea manufacturer in Siliguri you choose to partner with, it is best to order a sample kit first. Make sure that the sample kit you order includes all the SKUs (stock-keeping units) of the company.

By ordering a sample SKU kit at a minimum price, you can gain a better understanding of the overall quality and design of the manufacturer's tea product categories. If you have a team in your CTC tea business, you can analyse the products of the sample kit in a better way to make the best decision on which categories to start with. 

Branded tea for tea distributors in Siliguri

7. Finalize the Products You Want to Start With

After exploring the products in the sample kit, finalise the categories you want to start with for distributorship, wholesale, or dealership. It is not necessary to place bulk orders of all the products; you can place bulk orders of only a couple of product categories that you think will be popular in your local market. 

Also, you can ask the brand tea manufacturer about the most popular categories (hero products) in their SKUs and place bulk orders of those in order to increase your chances of success.

8. Choose the Region/PIN Code You Want to Operate In

Similar to tea factories in Siliguri, brand tea manufacturers in the city assign specific regions /PIN codes to distributors where they can operate in. Therefore, make sure to choose the region you want to do business in if you are planning to partner with the brand tea manufacturing company as a tea distributor. 

The industry standard and best practice are to start in your local market first. Introduce the brand's tea packets in your local markets and establish a strong presence. You can expand to other regions gradually as you start gaining success in your local market.

Dedicated Pin code for tea distributors in Siliguri

9. Choose the Logistics/Transportation Options

One of the final factors to consider before starting the partnership with the brand tea manufacturing company is to choose the logistics or transportation option that is the most convenient for your tea business. 

At Naturolled, we offer distributors of all sizes and locations free transportation of qualifying bulk orders of all our SKUs. Our free transportation facility helps tea distributors save their logistics costs. 

10. Start the Partnership With a Vision/Plan

One of the game-changing strategies for you to become highly successful with the partnership compared to your competitors is to have a vision. Have some kind of a plan on how to grow and scale your tea business rapidly while beating the competition in the market. 

Work towards your business growth goal consistently. Brand tea manufacturers in Siliguri, such as Naturolled, help all types of tea businesses, including distributorship, wholesale, dealers, aggregators, and sales executives grow their business with market-leading benefits.

Our team at Naturolled is always open to all types of tea business partnerships. Contact us today. 

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