Milk tea in India

Why Does Milk Tea in India Taste Extra Special & Strong?

Milk tea in India tastes extra special, and there are many reasons for it. From the type of tea used to the recipes and cups used, there are several steps to prepare milk tea in the Indian style. 

Explore all the crucial aspects that make milk tea in India burst with flavours and aromas. After you are done reading, we are sure you’ll know enough to treat yourself to the most flavourful tea you have prepared by yourself.

CTC Tea Forms the Foundation for A Strong Milk Tea (Kadak Chai)

Using the right type of CTC tea is the primary reason why milk tea in India tastes full-bodied and aromatic. Usually, it is the blended CTC tea varieties that make milk tea taste the best. Of course, single-grade (unblended) CTC tea has its own charm, but blended varieties offer the best of all CTC tea grades, such as:

  • OF
  • BP
  • PD 

At Naturolled, we offer the best CTC blends across all our tea products. Our team has formulated some of the best CTC tea blends that have a well-rounded flavour profile. Our tea blends taste smooth without any bitterness that’s typical to single-grade unblended CTC teas.

You can also check out our post - What is CTC Tea - to learn more about CTC tea.

As a leading tea company in Siliguri, we source only the freshest Dooars Tea from only the best Dooars Tea gardens. With minimal processing approaches, we retain maximum flavour and aroma in our teas while making sure they are blended through our proprietary blending processes. 

The Milk You Use Can Make or Break Your Chai Tea Preparation

The second important aspect that makes milk tea in India taste special is the milk itself. The better the quality of the milk, the richer the chai tea tastes. We recommend using the purest milk and depending on your preferences, you can add a bit of water to it or use the milk in its pure unadulterated form. 

Also, it is best to use boiled milk. So, before you start preparing Indian milk tea at home, we recommend boiling the milk several times to make sure it forms a bit of thick consistency. Packaged, homogenized milk is a good option for preparing Indian milk tea regularly.

How You Serve The Tea Also Matters a Lot

The essence of milk tea in India lies in the serving style as well. If you are aware already, earthen cups, also known as kullar, are used more than regular ceramic and glass cups. Kullar lends an earthy taste and aroma which makes chai taste more fulfilling.


Add A Dab of Magic with Kali Mirch

If it is Indian, it is got to be magical. And to make your Indian-style tea taste magical, you cannot go wrong with adding a dab of kali mirch (pepper) as a final touch-up. Sprinkle a pinch of grounded kali mirch when boiling the tea. 

If you want to make your tea taste kadak (strong), read our kadak chai post to learn about the preparation steps.


What is milk tea made of?

Milk tea in India is made of CTC tea, specially blended CTC tea, pure milk, and a dab of sugar and pepper.

What tea do they use in milk tea?

Pure milk is the preferred choice for milk tea in India. You can choose the type of milk as per your preferences. 

What are the best milk tea ingredients and procedures? 

The best and most important tea ingredients are the tea itself (CTC tea), high-quality fatty milk, sugar, and pepper. You can add several other Indian spices, such as cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, fennel seeds, and star anise. 

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