Strong tea recipe

What's The Ultimate Secret to A Strong Tea Recipe?

As much as a mystery a strong tea recipe may seem, it actually isn’t. You too can prepare the type of kadak chai you enjoy at your favourite tea stalls if you have the right ingredients and follow proper steps.

Continue reading to learn about the secrets to a strong tea recipe that you can use for home chai preparation. 

Blended Tea is The Key Component of a Strong Tea Recipe 

The common approach when it comes to exploring strong tea flavours is choosing random tea leaves. However, the better approach than this is to make sure you choose blended CTC tea formulated to offer a strong taste and colour. And the best step to do this is to choose tea brands based out of the major tea hubs in India, including Dooars and Assam.

At Naturolled Tea, we are based out of Dooars and have complete expertise in providing all chai loving customers with the best strong tea flavours. We source the freshest Dooars Tea batches of the latest flushes. Our expert blending team has innovated some of the best Dooars CTC tea blends that make the perfect strong tea recipe.

The Quality of Milk Also Matters

The quality of milk also matters a lot in any strong tea recipe. Pure homogenized milk without any adulteration brings the best out of strong tea flavours. Packaged pure milk with a decent fat content is a great option for preparing kadak chai. You can refer to this guide to choose the best milk for your chai.   

How Many Boils is Your Thing? 

Everybody has their own preference for boiling the tea along with the milk a certain number of times. And it also depends on the temperate of your cooktop. Generally, the best practice to follow is to boil the tea until a thin layer of cream (aka malai) forms over the top. When the creamy layer forms over the top, it is a sign that the milk has boiled enough times for its fat to get dense. 

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