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What's All The Craze About Roasted Tea? Is Roasted Chai Good?

Roasted tea is all over the internet, on social media reels and shorts. And just about every food influencer you know has been posting about roasted chai. At Naturolled Tea, we have been wondering about the craze around roasted tea. 

Why Is Roasted Tea Trending on Social Media?

Experiments around food are at an all-time high, especially in India where interesting, and at times weird, food experimentations don’t seem to come to an end. Similarly, the new rising trend of roasted chai is mostly about experimenting with chai. 

To be more precise, it seems to have been borrowed from the trend of roasted coffee in which baristas and other coffee aficionados roast high-quality coffee beans and prepare different types of coffee from them. 

The roasted coffee take on roasted tea is simply about roasting tea, specifically CTC tea, along with a teaspoon of sugar until they caramelize and form a paste with a thick consistency. 

If you aren’t aware of CTC tea, read our blog post: What is CTC Tea?

Does Roasted Chai Have a Different Taste?

Yes, compared to regular chai, roasted chai has a slightly different taste. It has a caramelised yet slightly burnt/roasted aftertaste which is sort of different from regular chai or kadak chai taste

Roasted chai has a bit of a bitter taste as well, as the CTC tea granules get overoxidized during the roasting process. When the sugar starts melting during the heating process, it turns into a liquid form and starts the steeping process of the CTC tea granules. 

Roasted tea flavour

With a longer heating time involved in the roasting process, the CTC tea granules release more compounds and make the sugary paste loaded with compounds such as minerals, alkaloids, carbohydrates, enzymes, amino acids, and polyphenols. 

How To Prepare Roasted Tea?

Preparing roasted tea is simple. Take a teaspoon full of CTC tea and mix it with a teaspoon full of sugar in a pan. Start heating the pan and stir the mixture. The sugar will start melting gradually and mix more with the tea powder granules, eventually forming a thick brown paste. 

After the paste is formed, add milk to the mixture and boil it a couple of times. You can add cardamom or spices to add more flavour to your roasted tea. 

Perfect Your Roasted Tea Recipe With Naturolled Tea

Perfecting roasted tea recipes becomes more simple and fun with the right type of CTC tea. Choose our range of CTC tea products that have a natural taste and aroma. Our teas are prepared the natural way without heavy and complex processing; they retain the most natural taste and freshness that you can get in packet tea.

Roasted chai


As a customer satisfaction-focused Siliguri tea company, we at Naturolled, source only the freshest and highest quality tea from the most prestigious Dooars tea gardens. The quick local sourcing helps maintain an unmatched level of quality across all our tea products.  

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