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What Makes A Chai Kadak? Choose The Best Kadak Tea Brand

There's something undeniably comforting about a steaming cup of chai that’s kadak. The term "kadak chai" is often heard in Indian households and tea stalls, and is an intrinsic part of the Indian tea culture, but what exactly does it mean? Kadak chai means a cup of tea that’s unfailingly striking taste-wise.  

It is a term used to describe a strong and robust cup of tea that is full-bodied and invigorating. The word "kadak" itself translates to "strong" or "stiff," indicating the desired characteristics of this popular beverage.

What Makes Any Chai Kadak? 

The secret to making any chai taste kadak lies in the preparation. To achieve the perfect kadak chai, several elements come together harmoniously. The first and foremost ingredient is the tea itself. Out of all types of tea leaves, CTC tea (also knows as kadak chai patti) is the best option for preparing kadak chai.

Kadak tea brands like Naturolled offer fresh and high-quality Kadak tea powder in the form of CTC tea. As a leading Siliguri tea company, we offer hand-blended Kadak chai patti that provides a strong base for a flavorful cup of tea. You can choose Naturolled tea packs as the first step in your process of preparing and treating yourself with kadak chai. 

Next comes the milk. For a truly indulgent and authentic experience, it is important to use pure cow milk that's not adulterated. The richness of cow milk adds a creamy texture and enhances the overall flavor of the kadak chai. The purity of the milk ensures that no unwanted flavors or substances interfere with the taste of the chai to ensure it is kadak.

How to Make Kadak Chai?

Now, let's delve into the preparation techniques that make a chai truly kadak. Unlike light-bodied premium teas like Darjeeling Tea which is mostly infused in lightly-boiled water, you have to boil strong CTC tea (kadak chai patti), e.g. Dooars Tea, directly in milk without adding water or other liquid add-ons. 

How to make kadak chai

Step 1: Boil Kadak Tea Powder Directly with Milk

Boil the CTC tea directly in milk repeatedly several times. This technique helps in extracting the maximum flavor and strength of kadak tea powder. The repeated boiling of the tea and milk mixture, known as kadak chai recipe (also works for tandoori chai), adds more body to the chai which makes it kadak.

Kadak chai patti

Step 2: Add a Bit More Tea for That Kadak Taste!

The whole idea of making a chai kadak is to make it strong and hard-hitting! (taste-wise). So, choose to add a bit more CTC tea (such as Siliguri tea) to add more body to the tea rather than using a moderate amount of kadak tea powder.

Kadak tea powder

Step 3: Add Sugar Directly to The Boiling Tea

Once you add a sufficing amount of kadak tea powder, it's time to add the sweetness. For many, a cup of kadak chai is incomplete without a touch of sweetness. Add the desired amount of sugar to the boiling chai, stirring until it dissolves completely. The sugar adds a delightful contrast to the strong flavors of the tea, balancing the bitterness and creating a harmonious taste profile.

Kadak chai recipe

Step 4: Strain the Tea To Serve

After you’re done adding and stirring the sugar, strain the tea to ensure you do not pour it along with CTC tea. Use a stirrer to pour the tea directly into your tea mug or into another container. This process not only helps mix the tea and milk thoroughly but also adds a visual element to the preparation. The aromatic steam rising from the chai as it is poured creates an enticing allure.

Kadak family tea

Finally, the presentation of the kadak chai also plays a role in the overall experience. You can best enjoy kadak chai in a kulhad (aka kullar). If you don’t have one in your home, you can use any glass or ceramic tea cup/mug.  

Make Your Chai Kadak with Naturolled: The Best Kadak Tea Brand

At Naturolled, we hand blend Dooars CTC Tea to ensure all chai lovers enjoy a strong kadak taste in every chai cup. Choose from our wide range of tea packs that are sure to offer you the best kadak chai experience.

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