What is Tea Day? How to Celebrate International Tea Day?

What is Tea Day? How to Celebrate International Tea Day?

Tea day, as popular as it gets every year, marks the importance of tea and its worldwide cultural and economic significance. It also raises awareness towards the tea industry’s improvement in tea production sustainability. 

United Nations Declared 21st May as The International Tea Day 

Initially architected by several trade organizations from various countries like India and Sri Lanka, United Nations declared 21st May as the International Tea Day in 2005. New Delhi was the first city to hold the first International Tea Day in the same year.

Apart from promoting sustainability, the International Tea Day also seeks to establish and maintain fair trade for tea works all around the world. Several trade union movement organize International Tea Day conferences around the world every year. 

Tea Day is not just intended for tea industry professionals and workers. It also aims to encourage tea consumers worldwide to celebrate their love for tea and explore the deep cultural connections it holds.

How to Celebrate International Tea Day

There is no particular way, or a right or wrong way to celebrate International Tea Day. Whether you are a regular tea drinker who knows a thing or two about teas or a novice starting to explore the world of teas, you can go about your own ways to celebrate the day. 

The obvious celebration (of course) is to prepare your favourite tea and share it with your loved ones. Pairing your favourite teas with savoury snacks can add more fun, especially if you plan to host a tea party!

International Tea Day Celebration Bucket List

Here’s a simple bucket list to help you make the most out of your International Tea Day celebration plans!

International Tea Day celebration bucket list


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