What is blended tea

What is Blended Tea? Is it Any Different Than Regular Tea?

What is blended tea

Blending is one of the best-kept secrets of making tea taste flavourful and aromatic in a balanced way. But what is blended tea and is it different from regular non-blended tea? Blended tea is an amalgamation of various CTC tea blends and therefore differs from regular/non-blended tea.

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Tea Blending Process that Tea Brands Use

By carefully bending various types of CTC tea grades, such as OF, BOPSM, PD, Orthodox, etc, tea brands, including Naturolled, are able to create tea products that harmoniously balance the right flavour profile with an unmistakable dab of aroma. 

What’s interesting to know is that there is no specific industry-standard tea blending process and it varies from one tea brand to another. As a leading tea company in Siliguri, we at Naturolled, have formulated some of the best tea blends that make our product taste just right, every time.  

What is Blended Tea’s Appearance?

Unlike single-grade tea that has CTC tea granules of a single size and colour, blended tea has a mix of CTC tea granules of various sizes and colour. Apart from having an amalgamation of various CTC tea grades, some variations of blended tea also include a balanced mix of multiple CTC tea grades and orthodox grade with a shredded leaf appearance.


How Does Blended Milk Tea Taste?

Compared to single-grade tea which can be a bit bitter when boiled continuously, blended tea has more of a balanced flavour and does not get bitter. When prepared with pure milk, blended tea tastes fulfilling. 

Naturolled’s blended tea offers a smooth and aromatic taste when prepared with pure milk. 

What is Blended Tea’s Standard Blend Ratio?

The favourable ratio for blending tea is 30:70. Some of the options include: 

  • 30% of PD grade mixed with 70% of OF grade
  • 30% of PD grade mixed with 50% of OF grade and 20% of BOPSM grade
  • 30% of Orthodox grade mixed with 70% of BOPSM grade
  • 30% of Orthodox grade mixed with 70% of OF grade

As mentioned before, there is no industry-standard rule for tea blending and it varies from one blend tea company to another. It is the tea blending secret that makes one tea brand different from another.

Price of Blended Tea Compared to Non-Blended Tea

The price of blended tea completely depends on the number of types of CTC tea grades included in the blend. For example, CTC tea blended with Orthodox tea costs more than other tea blends that include only CTC tea grades. It also varies from one tea brand to another.

At Naturolled, all our blended tea products offer more value than their MRP in terms of fresh and natural flavour and aroma. We source only the best batches of Dooars Tea from prestigious Dooars tea gardens

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