What is black tea with milk called

What Is Black Tea With Milk Called?

There’s quite a bit of confusion about black tea online, especially regarding its combination with milk. What is black tea with milk called? Black tea prepared with or mixed with milk is simply called milk tea. 

Why is Milk Tea Popular? Where is it The Most Popular?

The primary reason for the popularity of milk tea is it offers a filling experience. This mainly has got to do with the fat content of the milk which creates a feeling of being full, the same feeling we get when we eat any type of food. As such, the more pure and unadulterated the milk, the more satisfying it tastes for a lot of people. 

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Originally, milk tea has been popular in India for a long time. Indian milk tea, also called Chai, has its unique flavour and essence of being kadak (strong). More than most chai lovers in the country prefer their chai to be kadak. But what makes a chai kadak? It has mostly got to do with the preparation technique of vigorously boiling the tea and milk. 

Is Black Tea Bitter? How Does it Compare Against Milk Tea? 

There is no definite conclusion on whether black tea is bitter. This is mainly because the way taste is perceived is highly subjective. People who love black tea and drink it regularly mostly do not find it bitter in terms of flavour as well as aroma. In fact, people who prefer black tea love its darkish flavour profile that one can also get from black coffee (americano). 

However, people who prefer milk tea regularly find black tea to be a bit bitter. This is mainly due to the fact that milk balances the raw taste of tea to create a balanced flavour. And as mentioned previously, the fat content in milk plays a crucial role in making milk tea taste satisfying and filling.

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