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Understanding Dooars Tea and Its Market Demand

Dooars Tea is the essence of the ideal chai flavour that all chai lovers in India prefer. It has the perfect balance of strong taste and balanced aroma that the majority of chai lovers prefer in their everyday ‘kadak’ chai. 

Similar to Assam Tea, Dooars Tea makes the best option for all chai varieties popular in every tea shop in India, including tandoori chai, masala chai, adrak chai, elaichi chai, malai chai, kesar chai, and more. 

In this post, explore and learn about Dooars Tea, Dooars tea gardens, its significant market demand in the Indian tea industry, and how Naturolled, a leading Siliguri tea company, represents it in the best ways. 

Dooars Tea Origins

Dooars Tea originates from the Dooars-Terai region in West Bengal. It is detailed as dense, black, and balanced. Almost all flushes have the consistency of a balanced yet strong taste and aroma. It basically means that Dooars tea lovers get to enjoy a strong taste and aroma throughout the year despite the flush seasons.

The Dooars-Terai region sits below the Darjeeling belt, bordering Assam, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. The region’s terrain of Himalayan foothills and flatlands gives its tea a unique character. Dooars Tea indeed has a unique taste that is not too strong to be bitter and not too light to be bland.

Dooars tea garden

Dooars Tea: Then and Now

Dooars tea has been around since the initial days of the growth of the Indian tea industry. The British tea planters started it back in the 1800s. There was a notable contribution of Indian business people who helped in setting up a considerable number of Central Dooars Tea estates with the grants and issuance of lands in a timely and phased manner.

Fast forward to today, there are a lot of new Dooars tea estates in the entire Dooars-Terai region that produce the region’s notable tea in high volumes throughout the year to meet mass-market demands in all states of India.

Tea companies in Siliguri that are based our the Dooars-Terai region, such as Naturolled, play an integral role in supplying fresh Dooars Tea to the Indian tea market demands all year round.

Dooars Tea Garden Facts 

Since the Dooars-Terai region is considerably a large area, there are a lot of tea gardens in Central and new Dooars tea estates. Dooars tea gardens located towards the West and South are mainly flatlands while the region’s tea gardens located on the North and East are a mix of varying terrains where there’s a confluence of Himalayan foothills and flatlands.

Today, more than 324 tea gardens are spread all over the Dooars-Terai areas. What’s more interesting to know is that almost all Dooars tea gardens are located in lush forest areas graced by nature’s purity. 

Dooars tea estate

Dooars Tea’s Market Presence and Demand

Dooars Tea, alongside Assam Tea, caters to the mass tea demands in entire India. Unlike Darjeeling Tea and other boutique tea varieties that are mostly marketed and sold as loose leaves to the premium tea-drinking market segment, Dooars Tea and Assam Tea are sold in the CTC tea form to suit the chai routine of everyday people in the country.  

However, Dooars Tea does not get the type of recognition and popularity it deserves despite catering to the common chai needs of India throughout the year. In a way, almost every chai lover in the country has had or regularly drinks Dooars Tea without little to no awareness about it. 

But all of this is changing with Naturolled. We, at Naturolled, are based out of Dooars and are on a mission to represent the best of Dooars Tea to the entire India.

Naturolled Represents The Best of Dooars Tea

Experience the very best of Dooars Tea with Naturolled. All our tea packs (across all price ranges) represent the best of the freshness of Dooars tea gardens. Our tea varieties from Dooars have a strong taste and a fresh aroma. 

Dooars tea

We source the freshest batches of Dooars Tea from local Dooars tea gardens and hand-blend them to ensure that every chai lover can enjoy their kadak chai the way it is supposed to be.  

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