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Naturolled: A Tea Company in West Bengal Backing Dooars Tea

Dooars Tea has a significant contribution to the chai drinking culture in India, but many are not aware of it due to its lower prominence compared to other Indian teas like Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea. Despite being categorized as one of the most important teas in the Indian tea industry, Dooars Tea is still yet to get its long-deserved popularity. 

However, Naturolled is aiming to change that. Based in the Dooars region, Naturolled is focused on representing the best of Dooars tea to all of India and beyond. The company is committed to offering the freshest and highest-quality Dooars Tea from ethical and sustainable Dooars tea gardens, while also ensuring affordability.

Why Isn’t Dooars Tea as Popular as Assam and Darjeeling Tea Yet?

Despite having a large-scale tea plantation across 240,000 acres of gardens which accounts for a significant portion of tea gardens in West Bengal, Dooars Tea is yet to achieve mainstream popularity as Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea. But why hasn’t Dooars Tea got its break yet? 

One of the main reasons is traditional tea brands do not market it aggressively as they do with Darjeeling Tea and Assam Tea. This is where Naturolled comes into the picture to close the gap. As a leading Siliguri tea company based out of Dooars itself, we focus on promoting Dooars Tea in all of our marketing efforts and educating tea drinkers about it. Also, the prime marketing focus at Naturolled is to represent Dooars Tea to all age groups in India.  


A Part and Parcel of Siliguri’s Tea Culture

As a fast-growing tea company in West Bengal, Naturolled is proud to be part of the rich tea culture of Siliguri, a hub for West Bengal tea production and distribution. Our team works with experienced tea growers in the Dooars-Terai region to promote and market Dooars Tea to help it gain the recognition it deserves. 

Naturolled's commitment to quality extends beyond just the tea leaves themselves. Unlike traditional West Bengal tea production approaches, our production team hand-blends various grades of Dooars CTC tea to offer the best chai taste, loved by all chai lovers in India.

Blended CTC tea

Making Dooars Tea an Essence of Siliguri Tea

It is often Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea that people associate the term ‘Siliguri Tea’ with. However, as a leading tea company in Siliguri, we work hard every day to raise more awareness around Dooars Tea and make it synonymous with the widely used term ‘Siliguri Tea.’

Among all the lits of tea companies in West Bengal, we at Naturolled, are a true Dooars Tea brand. This is because we focus on exclusively representing the Dooars-Terai region's tea through and through. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Brand Tea Is Best in India?

It depends on the type of tea you prefer. If you are looking for Darjeeling Tea, then there are several brands that offer premium Darjeeling Tea from the finest Darjeeling Tea gardens. However, if you are interested in Dooars Tea, then Naturolled Tea is the household name to look for. 

2. How Many Tea Gardens in West Bengal

There are two categories of tea gardens in West Bengal, Darjeeling Tea gardens and Dooars Tea gardens. 

3. Which Is the Best Quality Tea in India

Dooars Tea and Assam Tea are the best for CTC tea grades and Darjeeling Tea is the best for long leaf teas.

4. Which Is the Largest Tea Garden in West Bengal 

Chengmari tea estate is the largest tea garden in West Bengal.

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