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Indian Tea Varieties: Different Types of Tea in India

India is a treasure trove for tea lovers as it is home to some of the most prestigious tea plantations around the world. As one of the largest tea producers in the world, India offers a wide variety of teas and caters to various tea markets worldwide. So what are all the Indian tea varieties? Explore this post to learn about them all.


It goes without saying that CTC tea is one of the most popular types of tea in India. The world-famous ‘Chai’ (milk tea) originating from India is prepared using CTC tea. What’s interesting to know is that CTC tea has several grades and each grade offers different liquor and flavour. Some of the commonly preferred CTC tea types include:    

  • BP 
  • BOP
  • OF
  • PD
  • Dust

Similar to regular blended CTC teas, another variant of CTC tea called CTC leaf tea is also popular as it offers a rich flavour and stimulating aroma. The CTC tea granules ensure a robust flavour while the blended leaves add a fresh aroma and aftertaste. 

Compared to other Indian tea varieties, CTC tea offers a strong flavour, is widely available, and is highly affordable. The affordable CTC tea segment has a larger market share in the Indian tea industry than other types of tea segments. 

CTC tea is an integral part of the various types of Indian-style teas, including kadak chai, masala chai, elaichai chai, malai chai, and more.

Types of tea in India

Orthodox Tea

Another popular type of tea in India is Orthodox tea. The process of manufacturing Orthodox teas had its inception earlier than CTC tea and was first introduced in the sprawling tea plantation regions of Assam and Darjeeling. 

Compared to CTC tea, Orthodox teas have a long-leaf form and they go through extensive withering and drying processes. Tea lovers in India and other countries prefer Orthodox teas mainly for black tea. Preparing flavourful black tea is no less than an art; one must carefully steep Orthodox tea in water at a temperature lower than the water’s boiling point. 

Green Tea 

Green tea is undoubtedly a popular Indian tea variety that has a large consumer base all around the world. Darjeeling's tea gardens produce some of the world’s best green teas that cater to the high-end premium tea market in India, the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, The Middle East, and other countries. 

Similar to Orthodox tea, it is important to be careful when preparing green tea. Adding more green tea or steeping it for a longer tea can result in a strong taste. Therefore, it is good to try different steeping and water temperature ratios to find the flavour that you like when preparing green tea at home. 

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