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How to Choose The Best Milk For Tea: Expert Suggestions

Apart from the tea itself, milk is also the key ingredient of a strong tea recipe. The better the type and quality of milk, the more flavourful the chai (tea). And there is no hard and fast rule that you have to choose a particular type of milk for tea. By being a bit mindful, you can consider a couple of factors that can help you choose the best milk for tea.

best milk for tea

We recommend considering a handful of these factors when choosing milk for chai. 

Fat Content of The Milk for Tea

When choosing milk for tea, it’s worth considering the fat content of the milk as per its quantity. Pure whole milk contains around 3.5% fat. So, if you are someone who likes full-bodied and strong tea which is essentially Kadak chai, then you cannot go wrong with pure whole milk. 

On the other hand, if you do not like highly fatty milk, then you can go for reduced-fat milk, which generally contains around 2% fat content. There are plenty of options for reduced-fat milk in general stores as well as online stores. 

Tea from Naturolled tastes best when prepared with pure milk that has a decent fat content. As a leading Siliguri tea brand, we at Naturolled source only the freshest Dooars tea to ensure a fresh and smooth tea taste.  

Always Choose Fresh Milk 

The best practice to choose milk for tea is to ensure that you always use fresh milk. It is only by using fresh milk that you can achieve a balanced taste in the tea that you prepare at home. While it’s quite challenging to have direct access to farm-fresh milk, you sure can improve your odds of getting your hands on fresh milk by taking milk delivery subscriptions as opposed to buying it online. 

Using fresh and boiled milk is one of the reasons why milk tea in India tastes special in terms of robustness. 

However, the choice is completely yours. Packaged milk also tastes just as good; what you need to ensure is to use all the milk once you open the seal of the packaged milk you buy.

Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk are The Best Options

When choosing milk for chai tea, it’s always best to go for pasteurized and homogenized milk. These types of milk are completely free from germs and pathogens that can raise the risk of food-borne health problems. 

As such, it goes without saying that the varieties of best milk for tea are ones that have undergone complete pasteurization and homogenization processes during production.

Our Strong Tea Recipe post underscores the importance of using pasteurized and homogenized milk. 

Buy Milk for Tea Online or Offline?

There’s no specific best practice as to whether you should buy milk for tea online or offline. It highly depends on your location and of course, your personal choice. Both options are good and you can go for one that best suits your personal needs. 

Is Milk Powder for Tea Any Good?

There’s quite a bit of confusion when it comes to milk powder, as to whether they are any good for tea preparation. Many people in India use milk powder for tea as a substitute for real milk. Although the difference in taste is noticeable, there’s nothing concerning about choosing milk powder for tea.

Some of the best milk powders for tea taste very similar to real milk, and they ensure convenience when it comes to storage. In fact, almost all new-age instant tea products come pre-mixed with milk powder.

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