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How To Choose The Best CTC Leaf Tea?

CTC leaf tea varieties are somewhat different than standard CTC tea variants in several ways. Compared to standard CTC tea which has a robust and strong flavour, CTC leaf tea varieties are more flavourful while being strong. The leaf tea blended in them offers more flavour which ensures a strong balanced taste. 

And when it comes to choosing the best CTC leaf teas, there are several factors you must consider. Explore some of the interesting insights we have shared in this post to choose the best CTC leaf tea. 

Blends Prepared with Green Leaves

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing CTC and long leaf tea is to check for green leaf blends. If you prefer the aroma and flavour of CTC tea and long leaf tea, you cannot go wrong with CTC leaf tea that is blended with green leaves. 

CTC leaves

At Naturolled, we have a range of tea products that our tea experts masterfully blend to have the perfect ratio of CTC tea and green leaves. The balanced blend offers a strong and flavourful taste while being aromatic in every cup you prepare. 

A Perfect Blend of the Right CTC Tea Grades 

Apart from making sure that the CTC leaf tea you choose is blended with green leaves, it is also important to check that it has a proper blend of the right CTC tea grades in itself. This is mainly because each CTC tea grade has its own property and their flavour vary in terms of the flavour, colour, and aroma they offer. 

The various types of CTC tea grades include:

  • BP
  • BOP
  • OF
  • PD

Different Blends Across Various Products

All tea products, including CTC leaf tea products, do not necessarily have to have the same blend. In fact, tea products across various tea brands vary with their blend and therefore taste different than each other. Therefore, it is best to try different blends first and then stick with the blend that tastes best to you.  

You can try blends of CTC and long leaf tea varieties like orthodox or blends of CTC and green leaves. It is also worth trying out long leaf blends, such as blends of orthodox and green leaves. 

How Does CTC Tea Compare with Leaf Tea?

In general, CTC tea has a strong and robust flavour that is ideal for that kadak chai taste. While leaf tea varieties, such as long leaf orthodox tea, are suitable for black tea to experience the fruity and/or muscatel flavour. 

For regular milk tea (chai) drinkers, CTC tea is the best choice while leaf tea is more for tea aficionados who are into delicate flavour profiles of black tea, green tea, and white tea. 

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