Premium CTC tea

How is Premium CTC Tea Different from Regular CTC Tea?

Are premium CTC tea products actually different from regular tea varieties like CTC tea? Or are they just a marketing gimmick? In its true sense, it is different. The quality between the two categories is significant, but does it really matter to regular tea drinkers like yourself? Well, it all comes down to personal preferences.

Difference Between Premium CTC Tea and Regular CTC Tea

The main difference between premium tea and CTC tea is in their blend. Premium CTC tea includes high-quality leaves, such as orthodox leaves (from Darjeeling and Assam) that are blended with CTC tea granules while standard CTC tea products are blended either with other CTC tea grades or with broken leaves.

Premium CTC tea vs Regular CTC tea


Differences in Flavour, Aroma, and After Taste

Premium tea leaves have more complex flavours of the blended long tea leaves. While regular CTC tea granules have a strong, robust favour that kicks right in. The differences in flavour between the two tea varieties aren’t right or wrong. It comes down to personal preferences and usage. 

For example, regular CTC tea varieties like Assam CTC tea are well-suited in tea stalls and other similar food and drinks outlets where customers prefer a strong cup of tea (kadak chai). On the other hand, premium CTC tea comes as an unmistakable choice for tea lovers who prefer to prepare balanced yet rich flavoured tea at home. 

Aroma-wise, both tea varieties have their own aromatic charm. If you love natural, earthy, leafy aromas, you’ll surely love the aromatic experience of premium quality tea. And if you love strong and bold aromas, you’ll certainly like CTC tea granules. And in terms of after-taste, both tea varieties leave a similar bold and satisfying feeling. 


Differences in Prices

Premium tea powder and regular CTC tea have differences in prices as well. It goes without saying that premium CTC tea has a higher price compared to regular CTC tea, simply because it is blended with Orthodox leaves that have a long leaf form. 

For context, Orthodox tea is globally popular as the best type of black tea leaves originating from Darjeeling and Assam in India. 

We have priced our premium quality tea at the most attractive MRPs so that tea lovers like you can enjoy high-quality tea without spending a lot. 


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