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Good News for Tea Lovers: Siliguri Tea Markets Are Growing!

Although being one of the most important tea hubs in India, the Siliguri tea market has, by and large, remained underrated in terms of popularity over the years. But that is changing as new and emerging tea brands from the city, including us at Naturolled Tea, have been disrupting the country’s tea consumer market with interesting tea products. 

Siliguri tea auction

Changing the Proposition of Tea Products and the Value Associated With Them

Since the commercial demand for tea started significantly increasing in the 1950s, there have only been two segments in the tea industry, the low-end affordable tea segment, and the top-tier premium tea segment. The mid-tier market did not have reasonably priced tea products that are close to premium teas in quality up until now. 

Some of the innovative tea brands from the city are now representing Siliguri tea in its best form: high quality, and minimal processed.

The increase in the number of new tea brands has helped improve the overall tea business in the Siliguri tea market. Siliguri tea gardens, including Darjeeling tea gardens and Dooars tea gardens have seen a significant rise in their tea sales through tea auctions and direct (private) selling.   

Catering to Tea Lovers Directly and Thoughtfully 

Similar to new-age FMCG brands, some of the innovative tea brands from Siliguri focus on catering to the end-customers directly through the D2C (direct to customer) e-commerce business model. This approach eliminates the roles of carrying and forwarding (CnF) agents, distributors, sub-distributors, wholesalers, and retailers that are involved in the traditional and mainline (offline) markets. 

Another significant benefit of this approach is the tea brands are able to maintain a high level of quality across all their tea products while keeping the prices in check. This way, staple tea consumers in India can have regular access to high-quality CTC tea and whole-leaf teas without paying premium prices. 

Future Growth for Siliguri Tea Markets

The future looks bright for the growth of the tea industry in Siliguri as new-age brands are representing the city’s teas nationwide and even worldwide. What’s more interesting to know is that Siliguri is gaining popularity not just for its neighbourhood teas, Dooars tea, and Darjeeling tea, but also for non-true tea varieties, such as chamomile tea, spearmint tea, hibiscus tea, and more.

The growth of herbal teas originating from the tea market of Siliguri represents the region’s production capabilities to cater to the newer market territories. At Naturolled, we are committed to representing the best of Siliguri tea and Dooars tea and helping the tea regions of Siliguri thrive.

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