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Fresh Chai From Naturolled That Makes You Go Oooh!

Chai tastes best when it’s fresh! There is no denying this fact. Fresh chai patti (aka tea leaves) have the most flavour intact in them and therefore work wonders in tantalizing the taste buds of tea lovers all over India.

But not all tea products available in the market are fresh, which means that not all the lovers in the country get to enjoy the freshest teas during their daily chai time. So, the best way to get your hands on fresh chai is to choose from some of the quality-focused tea brands, one of them being us at Naturolled Tea.

Naturolled’s Fresh Chai That Makes You Go Oooh!

At Naturolled, we are constantly inspired by the natural essence of the pristine tea gardens of Dooars, Darjeeling, and Assam. Having based out of the Dooars region, we are able to source all our tea leaves locally from the best Dooars tea gardens, and also from the reputed tea gardens of Darjeeling and Assam. 

Our fresh chai products have the best freshness that makes you go OOOH and the most natural flavours that make you go AAAH!

Fresh Tea Products For Your Daily Needs

Getting your hands on fresh tea products, such as regular CTC tea, green tea, elaichi tea, masala tea, etc, has now got a whole lot easier. Shop our tea products at to elevate your tea time with the freshest flavours and delighting aroma.

Here are five main reasons why our tea products have the freshest flavours: 

  1. We use tea leaves from the most recent flush batches
  2. We use the purest ingredients in our flavoured teas
  3. We preserve the long-leaf form in our green teas
  4. We do not add any artificial flavouring agents 
  5. We masterfully blend each of our teas entirely in-house
Fresh tea


How to Make the Best Out of Fresh Chai Products?

It’s not just the tea product but also the way you prepare it that matters when it comes to ensuring your tea is flavourful and has that unapologetic kadak taste. You can read our strong tea recipe blog post to learn all the secrets to making your tea strong and flavourful.

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