best way to drink green tea

Follow This Best Way to Prepare And Drink Green Tea

When it comes to green tea, many people choose the common option, i.e., to go for tea bags. However, that is not the absolute best way to drink green tea. This is because most green tea bags available in the market have green tea in dust form that does not have the best flavour. 

In comparison, whole-leaf green teas are the best, similar to CTC leaf teas. And there are specific ways you can follow to prepare and savour green tea. Explore them in this post:

Steeping is The Best Way to Drink Green Tea

One of the best ways to prepare and drink green tea is the steeping method. For this method, start with whole-leaf green teas that have full-length leaves, such as our Natural Green Tea. Whole-leaf green teas ensure maximum flavour by blending with warm water.

Best way to prepare green tea 

The next step is to use an infuser. You can either use a water flask that has a built-in infuser or other types of popular infusers, such as ball infusers and dip infusers. To demonstrate the green tea preparation method of water and tea steeping, we have used a water flask with a built-in infuser.

Put a moderate amount of whole-leaf green tea, preferably two teaspoons, in the infuser. Now, dip the infuser in warm water. In the example below, we have inserted the infuser inside the water flask. 

Leave the infuser in warm water for two to three minutes. Remember, the longer you steep your green tea, the stronger it becomes. If it becomes too strong, it may result in the tea tasting bitter. So, it’s usually after a couple of times of following the steeping method that you may find the sweet spot of steeping time for you.

The final step is to remove the infuser and pour the green tea into your cup. Lastly, serve the green tea as per your preference, such as adding a dab of honey and or lemon.

Our green tea products have the purest and the most natural green teas in whole-leaf form. By freshly sourcing green tea leaves from the local tea gardens of Dooars and Darjeeling, we ensure maximum freshness that delivers an aromatic and stimulating experience.

how to make perfect green tea

Another Best Way to Prepare Green Tea 

Another great way to make perfect green tea is to brew it lightly in water before it reaches the boiling point. Add a desirable amount of water to a pan or tea kettle and place it on the cooking top. Next, add two to three teaspoons of whole-leaf green tea to the water. 

Brew it lightly while the water heats up. Since this process steeps the green tea leaves more vigorously with direct heat, it is best to shorten the steeping time to about a minute and a half. After this, remove the pan/kettle from the cooktop and use a strainer to pour the tea into your cup. 

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