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Chai and Biscuit Combo: More Chai or More Biscuits?

We can all agree that chai and biscuit is one of the best combinations out there. But often, there is this confusion that whether your biscuit or chai should be more. It is sort of saying like: do you drink chai to enjoy biscuits or eat biscuits to enjoy chai? So, what do you prefer? More chai? More biscuits? Or a perfect balance of both? 

Chai and Biscuit: Is More Chai or More Biscuit Better?

At tea times, many prefer their chai to be more than their biscuits while others prefer more biscuits than their chai. But what is the perfect ratio to have? While this is a fundamentally simple question, the answer to it is not so simple. This is mainly because the preference for more chai over biscuit (or vice versa) is highly subjective and varies from one person to another.

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For example, if you enjoy your tea time mainly because of the tea itself, then you will subconsciously have the tendency to enjoy your cup of tea more than the biscuits or any other snack. In fact, tea lovers who truly love their fresh chai will do just fine without any snacks as well. 

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But on the other hand, many people relate to snacking time to curb their hunger pangs when it comes to chai time. As such, relishing on snacks like biscuits, bread toasts, rusks, onion fritters (pyaji), sandwiches, etc, with their kadak chai is a must. And when snacking during tea time to curb hunger pangs, the ratio of snacks is often higher than the tea itself. 

What Makes Chai and Biscuits the Best Combination?

Milk tea in India, Chai, goes well with biscuits and therefore is one of the best combinations. But what makes this combo the best? The primary reason is its simplicity. Biscuits are light for digestion and are ready to eat which essentially means that tea drinkers do not have to wait for any form of preparation at the tea shop. 

Unlike other types of snacks, biscuits do not contain heavy spices or aren’t laden with oil which makes an easy option for many people who prefer their snacking time to be lightweight. 

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Also, crunchy food items tend to pair extremely well with comfort drinks such as tea. The crunchiness of biscuits perfectly complements the smooth yet stimulating flavour of chai that is made from CTC tea.

Check out our post titled “What is CTC Tea” to learn more about CTC tea.

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