Naturolled Blended CTC Leaf Tea

An Introduction to Naturolled’s Blended CTC Tea

Naturolled offers premium blended CTC leaf tea at a non-premium price to cater to the budget of all tea lovers in India. 

Naturolled’s blended CTC tea across all two categories (Classic Blended and Premium Blended) includes a mix of 70% of CTC tea and 30% of green leaf tea. 

Blended CTC tea from Naturolled

Flavourful and Affordable CTC Leaf Tea from Naturolled 

Naturolled’s blended CTC tea is not just flavourful and aromatic but also easy on the pockets. This essentially means that customers can enjoy premium CTC leaf tea at a fraction of the price and enjoy their tea time. 

We at Naturolled are able to offer high-quality blended CTC tea by sourcing tea from local tea gardens that are in close proximity to our packaging facilities. 

We have streamlined our entire tea production process locally in Siliguri which works to our advantage in keeping the production cost low. This helps us keep the overall retail price lower than the competition.

Keeping the production cost low also helps us lead as one of the best CTC tea wholesalers in Siliguri by offering unmatched wholesale rates. 

Naturolled’s CTC Tea is Blended with Green Leaf Tea

Naturolled CTC tea is packed with flavourful goodness as it is mixed with 30% of high-quality green leaf tea. The blend of CTC tea powder and green leaf tea creates a strong flavour and a powerful aroma that tea lovers simply love.

Naturolled CTC green tea

The high-quality green leaves in Naturolled’s garden fresh CTC tea help tea lovers achieve a strong tea flavour even only with a couple of boils. The strong and natural flavour is suitable for all types of tea, including milk tea, black tea, masala chai, kadak chai, honey lemon ginger tea, etc.

What More Is Blended in Naturolled CTC Tea?

Naturolled breaks away from the decade-old tradition of using only a single-grade tea in packaged tea. Naturolled blended CTC tea of all categories is a carefully balanced mix of more than four grades of tea. 

We source only the highest quality tea across different grades from the best local tea gardens. Some of the primary grades we mix in our blended CTC leaf tea products include:

  • BP
  • BOPSM 
  • OF
  • Orthodox 

How Does Naturolled Blended CTC Tea Taste?

Naturolled Blended CTC Tea has a strong flavour and a stimulating aroma. If you love a strong flavour profile in your tea, you now do not have to face the hassle of boiling your tea repeatedly with Naturolled Blended CTC Tea.

However, if you prefer your tea light and smooth, you can give Naturolled Blended CTC Tea just one or two boils, and voilà, a smooth and consistent tea taste is ready to tantalize your tastebuds and stimulate your senses. 

Types of Tea Preparations With Naturolled Blended CTC Tea

Naturolled Blended CTC Tea is suitable for all types of tea preparation styles. Since Naturolled Tea is a blend of various tea grades and green tea leaves, it is versatile enough to meet all types of tea preparation needs.  

Naturolled Blended CTC Tea is suitable for:

  • Standard milk tea
  • Standard black tea
  • Standard milk with elaichi (cardamom) 
  • Masala chai
  • Kadak chai
  • Honey lemon ginger tea

Naturolled Blended CTC Tea’s Availability 

Naturolled Blended CTC Tea is now available for single/customer and wholesale orders. Tea wholesalers and distributors can contact us at +919907324373 or to place bulk tea orders or enquire about our Tea Distributorship Program

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